Sunday, June 12, 2016

Leftist Hypocrisy of Public Schools Teaching Yoga

By Douglas V. Gibbs, AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

The myth of the separation of church and state dictates that children can't pray in school, they can't read their Bible in school, and their teacher can't place anything that looks Christian on their desk.

When my daughter was in high school a decade ago, I remember her teacher having a statue of Buddha on her desk, and a colorful and flowery peace sign on the bulletin board.  I visited the class in response to a comment by the teacher about how offensive the crucifix around my daughter's neck was.  The teacher called the necklace "disruptive," and "uncalled for."

Early the other morning, after an earthquake awakened me, I tuned in to Fox 11 News Los Angeles and one of the stories being reported was about how a local school has integrated yoga into the curriculum.  The reporter interviewed the teacher whose idea it was to add yoga to the Los Angeles area school's litany of offerings, as well as showing on the broadcast kids who said the yoga made them feel "calm" and "happy."

On the surface yoga seems to be harmless.  Just a form of meditation.

Yoga, however, is sort of like a gateway drug in the New Age world.  It opens dangerous doors, reveals itself as mysticism once you dig deep enough, while teaching a society-damaging "do whatever you want" attitude that compromises moral standards in a society.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom," said Benjamin Franklin.

The pitfalls and dangers of yoga are explained quite well in this article: The Truth About Yoga

Yoga is a religious thing.  Is it not hypocritical of the schools to encourage Yoga, while claiming any Christian thing like prayer, Bibles on the school grounds, and crucifixes around the necks of students are prohibited because of the establishment's erroneous version of the separation of church and state?

For Christians, our meditation is supposed to be through prayer.  Yoga emerging in the public schools only confirms for me that along with the leftist propaganda being taught the children, our public schools are indoctrination centers that no longer teaches children how to think, but instead instructs children what to think.

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