Saturday, June 18, 2016

No Hope, Plenty of Change, Rise of Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The emergence of Barack Obama in 2007, and the beginning of his presidency in 2008, encouraged the formation of the TEA Party.  The grassroots movement saw the dangers on the horizon.  They did not believe Obama's message of Hope and Change was good for America.  While he claimed to be a Constitutional Lawyer, Mr. Obama is nothing of the sort.  The informed voters researched Obama's history, and found him to be the opposite of what the Founding Fathers intended for the White House.  He was raised by Muslims and Communists, mentored by the communist and racist Frank Marshall Davis, schooled by leftists terrorist Bill Ayers, and idolized radical Marxist and revolutionary Saul Alinsky.  As for his connection to the U.S. Constitution, Barack Obama lectured at the University of Chicago on how to use the 14th Amendment to create racial division.  We knew who he was before he took office because of who he surrounds himself with, and what he had said prior to this presidential campaign.

The man's history, and plans for America, are foreign to our nation, and the kind of "change" that the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution to protect us against.

I first began to participate in TEA Party rallies in 2008.  My Constitution Classes in Temecula also began in 2008, and the enthusiasm regarding the Constitution was immense.  The classes were drawing large numbers.  For four years the classes grew.  For four years the TEA Party demanded a change from Obama's change, and gained ground in the House of Representatives in 2010, and grabbed the Senate after the 2014 mid-term election.  Yet, the Republican Party has not accomplished what the conservatives of the TEA Party voted them in to do.  Obama has not been fought against, and if anything, the anti-American President has gained.

So, we wonder why now the GOP presumptive candidate in 2016 is Donald Trump?  The Republicans didn't listen.  The Republicans didn't fight.  We gave them the House of Representatives, and we gave them the U.S. Senate, and yet they are still losing to the Democrats, and Barack Obama.  Americans are searching for a champion, a stick in the spokes of the establishment, a bigger hammer in the rock yard.  Is it any surprise that an arrogant, loud mouth guy like Donald Trump who is willing to say it like it is, and slam his political fist in the nose of Hillary, Obama, Reid, and the rest of the Democrats, is now the guy who will hopefully lead the Republicans into the White House?

Republican Establishment, you brought this upon yourself by not listening.  The American People are speaking. . . and you have the testicular gall to attempt to derail Trump at the Republican Convention in Cleveland?  If Trump is not the guy on the ballot in November, the Republican Party is dead. . . by its own hand, for rejecting the consent of the governed.

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