Thursday, June 16, 2016


Defending people who cling to their guns, bombs, knives and religion

Opinion by Allan McNew

In deference to political correctness afflicting the perpetually offended of all persuasions – not all Muslims are radical Islamic terrorists, noting that disclosure of that fact will not satisfy perpetually offended practitioners of political correctness who nurse manufactured grievance like Rosie O'Donnell scarfs bonbons. So, to all who are about to fly into into a Daffy Duck temper tantrum episode over the following content, I extend my middle finger for English, my index finger for Spanish, finger scrape my chin twice for Italian and for everyone else I briefly moon all of y'all.

The President, to use his own phrase, is on the wrong side of history by continuing to refuse to recognize who and what the enemy is and diverting the root cause of the massacre in Florida into gun control and religious discrimination issues.

As well, the talking head diversionary blather into what Islam is or is not, whether or not the shooter was “self radicalized”, whether Islamic terrorists hate gays, whether the shooter himself was gay or any number of other chicken and egg debates do nothing to address the problem of radical Islamic terrorism at home and abroad.

God help me, in the aftermath of ultimately preventable tragedy all the talk about “gay” and “gun control” made the jokes write themselves, jokes about gay bars in conjunction with long barrel rifles, shrouded barrels, open carry, cleaning guns, unintentional discharge, a gay cowboy sheriff yelling “Thtop or I'll thyoot!” to a retreaded ancient joke about 9 out of 10 chain smoking radical Islamic terrorists preferring…

If the shooter's father, an apparent Taliban sympathizer loon, had not been allowed to come to our country, there would have been no post massacre debate about the son obtaining firearms and murdering 49 people he may or may not have associated with in Orlando, Florida. Same with the San Bernardino shootings, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Fort Hood attack, the 9/11 airliner attacks, the blind sheik WTC truck bombing attempt… All preventable by appropriate screening of foreigners seeking to enter our country, Daffy Duck accusations of profiling and discrimination be damned.

However, the President, pontificating bullscheit while astride his progressive-socialist, transgender rainbow unicorn, continues with his defacto support of people who cling to their guns, bombs, knives and religion rather than promote real world solutions.

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