Sunday, June 19, 2016

Obama: Climate Change Endangering National Parks

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Natural cycles mean nothing to the liberal left Democrats.  Everything regarding weather, and things that have nothing to do with weather, is now being attributed to their man-made climate change hoax, despite massive evidence to the contrary.  President Barack Obama is among the chief deceivers, calling the global warming scam a greater threat to our way of life than terrorism.  On Saturday he claimed that man-made climate change is already damaging America's national parks, with alleged rising temperatures (overall global temperatures have actually been dropping over the last decade) causing Yosemite's meadows to dry out and raising the prospect of a glacier preserve without its glaciers someday.

"Make no mistake. Climate change is no longer just a threat. It's already a reality," Obama said at Yosemite.

"Rising temperatures could mean no more glaciers at Glacier National Park. No more Joshua trees at Joshua Tree National Park," he said.

First of all, it's Summer, and in the West, since the day I was born, that means dried out meadows and dead brush.  Out here, it gets hot during the summer.  Triple digits are no surprise.  They are the norm during the summer months.

As for the claim that human activities are creating drastic changes in global temperatures, the reality is that natural cycles not only dictate weather patterns in ways we could never influence, but what little we put into the air in terms of percentages (human activity produces less than 1% of greenhouse gases as compared to water vapor from the oceans, carbon from volcanoes, among other natural contributors) is too tiny of an amount to matter.

The real culprit?  The sun.  I know, it's shocking to discover the sun might have something to do with the warming and cooling of the planet (and NASA admits it).

As for saying that carbon dioxide alone is a cause for changes in climate, well, the Democrat Party (and their leftist allies worldwide) argument is short-sighted and politically motivated.  As indicated in the film, Climate Hustle, there are many factors involved in the changes of global temperature.  In fact, a rise in carbon dioxide does not cause warming.  Warming causes the rise in carbon dioxide.

Obama's claim that Climate Change is a great danger is a cover-up for the truth.  The real danger is him, and his fellow leftists, who are using the ruse of man-made climate change as a tool for more control, more taxation, and a destruction of our society as it exists.  These people hate systems of limited government, and are doing all they can to continue our journey away from the Constitution, and the principles of liberty it details.

As for National Parks, they are unconstitutional.  It is none of the federal government's business what a State does with its own land.  Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution only allows the federal government to acquire land by purchasing it with the consent of State legislature for the purpose of needful buildings.  In the simplest way of explaining it, National Parks are lands seized by the federal government, whether We the People and the States like it, or not.  If land needs to be protected, that is up to the States, not the federal government.  The federal government does not have the authority.

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