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Friday, June 17, 2016


Straw men gone wild

Opinion by Allan McNew

All the talk about how conservatives don't care about a bunch of gay people mass murdered in Orlando is a straw man ploy to move the discussion away from the fact that the President Obama doesn't care about about the safety and security of the American population, gay, straight, black, white or any other manifestation of "diversity".

It all goes back to the Alinsky tactic of making identity labels then portraying them as interest groups with one oppressing the other, then loudly broadcasting the propaganda talking point: “Right wing bigots cheer mass murder of gays by anti-gay vigilante in Florida while obstructing legislation to keep LGBT haters from getting guns”.

There will be no mention of radical Islamic terrorism, no mention that the shooter was influenced by radical Islamic terrorists and no mention that Obama is ramping up mass importation of people from Syria of which a percentage are radical Islamic terrorists.

It's all about Obama's end of fundamentally changing America with by the means of unchecked hordes of third world peoples pouring into the United States, some of whom cling to their guns, bombs, knives and religion, and Obama doesn't care if it results in a June mass murder of gays in Florida or Christmas season mall goers in Minnesota, his end justifies his means.


Or any one else, for that matter.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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