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Obama Shamefully Diminishes the 86th Radical Islamic Terrorist Attack in the US

By Capt Joseph R. John, June 20, 2016 

After the 86th murderous attack by a “Radical Islamic Terrorist”, this time in Orlando, that resulted in the massacred 49 innocent Americans and the wounding of 53 others, Obama, Hillary, their allies in Congress, and the left of center liberal media establishment, tried again to divert attention away from another racist “Radical Islamic Terrorist” attack against Americans.  The left of center liberal media establishment fell into line with Obama’s shameful attempt to cover up the truth, by promoting stories about Muslims being victims, i. e. “Muslim Victimhood” who fear of being blamed, and the press again called for new gun controls to restrict the ability of law abiding Americans to protect themselves. 

Obama keeps trying to divert the “Radical Islamic Terrorist” issue facing Americans, to a 2nd Amendment and a gun control restriction issue.  Gun restriction on law abiding Americans will not prevent well-armed  “Radical Islamic Terrorists” from entering across the wide open southern border to kill Americans.  The Orlando attack was the 86th “Radical Islamic Terrorist” murderous attacks inside the US on American citizens; 27 of those attacks were linked to ISIS, and 60 of those attacks occurred in the last 2 years. Obama is not really out of touch, he just keeps trying to divert every terrorist  attack away from “Radical Islamic Terrorist” who perpetrate them.

Obama, Hillary, and the left of center liberal media establishment intentionally over-reach, to mislead and lie to Americans, repeating their steady misleading drum beat, that Trump wants to prevent “all” Muslims from entering the US—when he repeatedly called for a “TEMPERARY PAUSE” in the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, until the FBI is allowed to screen those refugees to determine if they have terrorist ties.    

Those 86 murderous racist attacks perpetrated by “Radical Islamic Terrorists” against gays, Christians, and Jews, occurred in Sacramento, San Bernardino & Richmond & Oakland & Ingleside & Lompoc & Los Angeles & Merced California, Times Square & Brooklyn & Buffalo & New York City, & West Orange, & Binghamton & Scottsville New York, Moore Oklahoma, Detroit, Boise, Denver, Little Rock, Fort Hood & Port Bolivar & Denton & Garland & Irving & Houston Texas, Portland-Maine, Chattanooga, Portland-Oregon, Langley & Manassas & Arlington & Fredricksburg Virginia, Minneapolis, Jonesboro & Atlanta Georgia, Glendale & Tucson & Phoenix Arizona, Warren Michigan, Waltham & Boston Massachusetts, Bethesda & Montgomery County & Wheaton & Aspen Hill & Baltimore Maryland, Skyway & Seattle Washington, St Louis Missouri, Kentucky, Marquette Park & Savou Illinois, Washington-DC, Morgantown North Carolina, Philadelphia & Shanks Ville Pennsylvania, Ashtabula Ohio, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Montgomery Alabama, Buena Vista New Jersey, Orlando Florida, and more locations too numerous to list here. 

Every time there is another murderous racist attack against gays, Christians, and Jews by “Radical Islamic Terrorists” inside the US, Obama tries to divert, and cover up the truth by calling for gun restrictions, while he tries to diminish the anger Americans feel toward “Radical Islamic Terrorists” who for 7 ½ years keep killing Americans in the US.  Obama and his allies in the left leaning press uses “Politically Correct” language giving credence to “Muslim Victimhood” by warning Americans not to dare blame all Muslims—while neither do all American or Donald Trump blame all Muslims, but they absolutely do blame the “Radical Islamic Terrorists” who perpetrated 86 racist attacks against gay, Christian, and Jewish Americans.

Obama keeps trying to relegate that barbarity perpetrated by “Radical Islamic Terrorism” in 86 racist attacks against gays, Christians, and Jewish Americans in the US to a gun problem,  Obama intentionally tries to get the Americans to ignore the fact that “Radical Islamic Terrorists” employed bombs, box cutters, shoe bombs, suicide vests, an underwear bomb, commercial airliners as missiles, knives for beheading, guns, machetes, and knives to stab Americans to death, and any other instrument of death they can find to kill Americans.
The assailant in Orlando, Omar Saddiqui Mateen, who was the son of Afghan refugees, cheered when the planes crashed into the twin towers on  9/11, flew into a rage & threatened to kill classmates when pork touched his hamburger, who was a devotee of Anwan Al-Awalki & studied his videos, whose father still has ties to the Taliban, and his father is the Vice President of the Fort Pierce Mosque.   Mateen was the friend of a Syrian suicide bomber; they both attended the Fort Pierce Mosque together. Mateen was not an agent of the Republican Party, as the New York Times tried to get Americans to believe, he was a registered Democrat. 
Mateen obtained a gun permit, so he could work for DHS transporting and releasing Illegal Aliens away from the border, when those Illegal Aliens should have been quarantined for 30 days, instead being freely released into the interior of the US, with no record of their whereabouts.  Mateen should never have been given a weapons permit, nor been certified by G4S Security as one of their Security Guards.  At work Mateen talked about killing people (one of his fellow employees quit because he feared for his life). 
When G4S received multiple complaints from fellow workers that Mateen was a threat, Mateen used “Muslim Victimhood” by saying he was only being picked on because he was a Muslim.  Mateen repeatedly used the pernicious myth of his “Muslim Victimhood” as a distorting force to shield him when the FBI questioned him three times---unfortunately, the “Politically Correct” policy forced upon the FBI by Obama contributed toward allowing Mateen to literally perpetrate murder. 

“Radical Islamic Terrorists” have perpetrated their murderous attacks against soft targets where no one was armed to oppose them.  “Radical Islamic Terrorists” never attacked a gun show, a police station, a hunting lodge, a gun range, restaurants & bars frequented by off duty police officers, or any other place where Americans are well armed.  Although strict gun control laws banned guns in Paris, Belgium, San Bernardino, and in the nightclub in Orlando, it did not make any difference at all, nor did it prevent “Radical Islamic Terrorists” from massacring innocent unarmed individuals in those locations.  So Mateen modeled his attack after the Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino attacks where ISIS “Radical Islamic Terrorists” assaulted unarmed people in gun-free zones.
Over a 3 hour period while he was murdering 49 innocent gay Americans & wounding 53 others, in multiple phone calls to radio stations, to police stations, and to the 911 Emergency phone number, Mateen repeatedly sworn his allegiance to Islam, the Islamic State (ISIS), and expressed his admiration for the Tsarnaev brothers who were the Boston Marathon Bombers.  While Mateen systematically killed and wounded over 100 innocent gay Americans, he repeatedly yelled “Allah Akbar”. 
Obama has been trying to convince Americans that the bloody racist massacre against gays, perpetrated by Mateen, was not because of his religious beliefs that condemns gays, and that the other 85 Radical Islamic Terrorist” attacks against gay, Christian, and Jewish Americans, were only because of flawed gun laws.  Every time there was another one of these “Radical Islamic Terrorist” racist murders of a gay, Christian, or Jewish American, Obama tried to elevate the ambiguity between cause and effect, i. e. a murderous “Radical Islamic Terrorists”, was not responsible for a the horrific murderous bloodbath of innocent Americans.
Despite the fact that the Islamic States’ claimed responsibility for the Orlando terror attack, and despite the fact that SSA Ron Hopper, FBI said the assailant bragged about "having ties to “Radical Islamic Terrorist” organizations like ISIS, and Al Q’ieda, Obama, Hillary, their allies in Congress, and the left of Center liberal media establishment continued to try to divert the real reason for the attack away from “Radical Islamic Terrorism” calling for the restriction to the 2nd Amendment rights, and the passage of new gun restrictions.

Instead of bringing the American people together as a nation in opposition to the 86th racist “Radical Islamic Terrorist” attack against gay Americans in the Orlando massacre, Obama continued to divide Americans by immediately converting this tragedy into political fodder, propping up his divisive political agenda upon the coffins of 49 dead Americans, in his call for the restriction of the right of American citizens to own a gun for self-defense, opposing their rights accorded by the 2nd Amendment, in his 7 ½ year attempt to disarm Americans.

It is so obvious that for nearly 8 years, the occupant in the Oval Office has done everything possible to call the racist attacks by “Radical Islamic Terrorists” something else, like “work place violence”, “home grown extremism”, “lone wolf attacks”, “home grown terrorism”, “overseas contingency operations”, “self-radicalization”, etc., Obama keeps trying to divert the fact that he has failed miserably to stop the internal threat that has been developing, and that it truly is from Radicalized Muslim’s unified by foreign terrorist networks. 

The primary responsibility of every President of the United States is to keep American citizens safe in the United States from any threat to their lives.  In the last 240 years, Presidents have protected Americans from the threats from American Indians, the British during the War of 1812, from rebel armies during the Civil War, from Fascism, from Nazism, from Communism, and from “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.  President Reagan President Bush, President Clinton, and President Bush II protected Americans in the United States from “Radical Islamic Terrorists”, that has all changed under Obama, he has failed miserably to protect Americans from 86 “Radical Islamic Terrorist” racist attacks against gay, Christian, and Jewish Americans.
As for the false assertion by the Obama administration, that because Mateen was not directly involved with an international terrorist network, he was therefore a “Lone Wolf” or "Self-Radicalized", is another of Obama’s intentionally false and grossly misleading assertions.  Each of the thousands of “Radical Islamist Terrorists” acting worldwide, are unified by their allegiance to Islam and their support for ISIS and Al Q’ieda.  Children of the 915,000 Muslim refugees allowed to enter and resettle in the US over the last 7 ½ years without being vetted by the FBI to determine if they have terrorist ties, will result in some of their children becoming radicalized by international terrorist networks.  Obama has created a serious threat to the national security of the United States.
Seven examples of the children of Middle East Refugees who became “Radical Islamic Terrorists” and were unified by their allegiance to Islam, ISIS, and Al Q’ieda were Major Nidal Hassan (who handed out calling cards that said “I am a Jihadist”), the Tsarnaev brother Boston Marathon Bombers, Mohammad Yousef Abdulazeez the Chattanooga shooter, Syed Rizwan Farook the San Bernardino murderer, Faisal Shalizad the Times Square bomber, Anwar Al-Awalki the Islamic lecturer & Muslim Iman, and Omar Saddiqui Mateen the Orlando massacre (there were many more children of refugees, listed in the attachment,  who perpetrated the other 86 “Radical Islamic Terrorist” racists attacks against gays, Christians, and Jewish Americans). 
The FBI informed Congress, that over 250 refugees, or children of refugees, who went thru Obama’s Fast Track American Citizenship Program, then used their new American Passports to travel to the Middle East and Africa to join ISIS racist genocide attacks against Christians.  Those newly trained “Radical Islamic Terrorists” have been returning to the US fully combat trained; they should have been met at the airports on their return by the FBI, arrested, jailed, and charged with terrorism.  Instead, Obama allowed them to freely return.  It is just a matter of time before they will use their terrorist training to perpetrate murderous attacks against American citizens throughout the United States.
The contrast between the truth and the unifying the American people, and the lie and gross politicization of this tragedy by Obama is crystal clear.  Obama’s lie is being promoted while the truth is being covered up by the left of center liberal media establishment, pushing “Muslim Victimhood” and the need for new gun control legislature. What new gun laws would have prevented the Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Orlando, and San Bernardino murders by a “Radical Islamic Terrorist”?    

We encourage you to click on the below listed link to understand what the strictest gun restriction laws in the nation, passed by the city of Chicago, has done to the once peaceful lives of law abiding Americans citizens in Chicago.  It has turned Chicago into a killing field of innocent Americans, perpetrated by street gang members, drug lords, and criminals.

Criminals, drug lords, and street gangs members have been killing and robbing more innocent Americans men, women, and children in Chicago each year, than the number of combatants who are being killed in Afghanistan annually.  In the first 6 months of 2016, 1715 Americans in Chicago have been shot, 291 of them were fatally shot (that is 65 per week, every week for 6 months—compared that to the 49 who were killed in Orlando).

For Obama to keep trying to impose gun restrictions on law abiding Americans, every time another one of the “Radical Islamic Terrorist “racist attacks is perpetrated against gays, Christian, and Jewish Americans in the US, is a dishonest and intentionally misleading policy. 

New gun controls laws will not stop the steady increase in “Radical Islamist Terrorist” racist attacks in the US, yet Obama repeated attempts to divert attention away from those “Radical Islamic Terrorist” attacks, by saying new gun restrictions will stop those terrorist attacks is not only dishonest, it’s also shameful. 

Obama failed strategy for nearly 8 years has allowed the “Radical Islamic Terrorist” threat to metastasize and increase to 86 terrorist attacks against gays, Christians, and Jewish Americans. 

American citizens do not want Obama to continue with another 7 months of his failed policies that has enabled “Radical Islamic Terrorists” to kill Americans in 86 racists attacks---“Radical Islamic Terrorist” will kill Americans again, and Obama will do his two step to divert attention away from the true cause of the attack.

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Capt       USN(Ret)/Former FBI
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