Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Roanoke Found?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I always felt that based on our knowledge of the other colonies, the lost American Colony of Roanoke vanished because the colonists used a communal system of government (utopianism then, socialism now) and the inhabitants starved to death and left nothing behind to find.

Jamestown struggled for the same reasons, as did the Pilgrims at Plymouth.  Hundreds died until the colonists changed their system to one of a free market, where people planted their own crops, kept what they grew, and took to market their surplus so as to trade for other items.

An article at AOL.com proclaims that Archeologists may have located fragments of a piece of pottery that may have belonged to a member of the Lost Colony from Roanoke.

The fragments were found buried in the soil just 75 yards from an earthen mound, which is thought to be a fort from that time.

Every little piece of evidence may enable us to piece together what happened to Roanoke. . . but to this day, the disappearance of the colony remains a mystery.

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