Monday, June 20, 2016


Hypocrisy in action

Opinion by Allan McNew

The same people who shrilly defend the inviolability of the Fourteenth Amendment concerning birth right citizenship, which was primarily to affirm the citizenship of former slaves and the Second Amendment right to bear arms for self defense for those same people and had nothing to do with illegal immigration a century or more in the future, seek to selectively shred the Second Amendment itself. The next step would appear to be that of denying the First Amendment right of free speech in defense of the Second Amendment by calling it “hate speech violence” and forwarding legislation to criminalize certain types of protected free speech they disagree with – thus coming full circle to also selectively carving out the Fourteenth amendment right to equal protection under the law.

Mass murder attacks were practically non-existent before 1990. We have always had the mentally ill and disaffected among us, so what has changed in our society to give those people permission to do such things as shoot up elementary schools? The left using the Gramsci method of subverting society, that instead of forcing a political / economic system on the public with executions and the Gulag for merely being suspected of being out of line with imposed authority, which hampers buy in by the public at large, prospective slaves are seduced into wanting to be slaves instead. That involves incrementally destroying societal morals, established religion, patriotism and national identity while drifting to a complete dependence on government. The influential, even coercive when in power, elitist left will take no responsibility for their role in creating permissions for losers and whack jobs to spray schools and theaters with bullets. They change the subject to lax gun control and obstructive Republicans.

The same with their importation of people they will never have to rub elbows with. In seeking to break down and change society, they bring in all sorts of third world people, even some who cling to their guns, bombs, knives and religion. Whenever an Islamic extremist religiously inspired mass murder occurs, they call it everything but terrorism in the name of that religion, such as work place violence, and characterize the slaughter as being caused by right wing bigots who incite the violence by words and deeds and further refuse the sure remedy of gun control. Like gun control did anything for Obama's self described home town of Chicago.

I think the argument for why Chicago violence is the fault of racist Republicans would be along the following lines: bigoted white business owners left the city core thus impoverishing minorities; the white man is purposefully keeping minorities down; hate filled Republicans don't want to “invest” in Chicago with expanded social programs; and so on. They, along with a complicit media, see that the blame for violence from street thugs to losers and nut jobs to radical Islamic terrorism is pinned on those who would protect us from it.

They blame everyone and everything but themselves.

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