Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Great Deceivers

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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Somebody asked me a couple days ago, "What do you consider yourself politically?"

"A Constitutionalist," I replied.

"Anybody can call themselves that," he said, "but it could be based on their interpretation of the Constitution.  There are a lot of people that call themselves Christians that have interpreted the Bible in a way that is hardly Christian.  Just because you call yourself a Constitutionalist, it doesn't mean you are."

The gentleman I was talking to was correct.  Words matter, and the liberal left progressive Democrat Party statists know that language is an important part in how we approach our belief system.  Therefore, language is their primary weapon in their war against liberty, individualism, and the constitutional principles of limited government.

A person at an event I was attending recently told me that in a class his son attended the teacher told his kid that we live in a representative democracy.  We discussed how in our culture it has been readily accepted that we are a democracy.  We hear it from politicians on both sides of the aisle, political pundits, and the so-called experts in our political system.  We are constantly being told we are a democracy.

Perhaps the proper way to present this is to say we are not a "direct-democracy."  Based on research associated with the writings of Polybius, and Montesquieu, a mixed constitution through which a republic is established is preferred over the violent suicide that democracies always meet with.

Democracy is mob-rule.  Mob-rule becomes mob-violence.  It is a struggle where one group tries to take away the rights of another through "majority vote."  As the old saying goes, "A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner."

As a republic, one of the things we realize is that a republic requires more participation by the governed.  Voting is only a small part of a republic.  Voting is democracy, and originally the only part of our system that was determined by our direct vote was local offices, and the House of Representatives.  Our republic uses indirect methods for other offices, like President of the United States.  Regarding the U.S. Senate, the method of selecting the Senators changed from appointment by the State legislatures to direct vote with the 17th Amendment, thus changing the basic dynamics of our system, and eliminating the States' voice from Congress.  Now, States are expected to abide by federal laws they had no voice in establishing.

When one considers the Political Spectrum, with 100% government being to the far left, and 0% government being to the far right, one realizes the U.S. Constitution is dead center (or is truly a moderate form of government).  Sometimes, when asked about my political affiliation, using the political spectrum argument, I like to claim I am a "classical centrist."

Now, that is a claim that serves as a great conversation starter.

Forces who oppose the Constitution, and are determined to move the United States in a leftward direction, have infiltrated both political parties, having complete control over the Democrat Party.  Through their creeping incrementalism, the American System has been sliding away from the Constitution to the point that most folks think the Constitution is a right-wing document.  Everything is so far to the left that Tea Parties are considered to be like anarchy compared to the big government politics we see today.  Out of anger, and ignorance, we have mob-violence rising up hoping to influence politics with "democracy."  Democracy is a transitional system, which always leads to oligarchy (rule by a powerful few over the many).

Deception has been used to convince Americans that we are a democracy, and that collectivism is our destiny (placing the welfare of the community over the welfare of the individual).  Language is being used to confuse us about the truth.  The republic is called a democracy.  Government spending is called "investment."  Taxation is considered "revenue."  Calling for the enforcement of immigration laws is considered "racist."  Holding on to the values that has guided our country is now considered to be "bigotry."  Disagreement with the liberal left statists is "hate speech."  And when we see this kind of deception, it is not long, in order to protect their narrative, before those who dare to stand in opposition to the powerful ruling class are detained for being seditious against the government.  Big government always leads to bigger government, and deception always accompanies the attempt to maintain power, and gain more power.

Such is the game of the Great Deceivers, a game as old as time itself, skillfully played from the beginning by the Prince of Deception.

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