Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Great Military Might Race

By Douglas V. Gibbs,
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The race is on, and President Obama is running backwards.  Russia and China, recognizing the weakness and attitude of appeasement by the American President, are taking advantage of the opportunity, and are increasing their war budgets while the United States continues to cut its own military spending, and reduce the size of its forces.

U.S. defense budget has been reduced by 21 percent during the time period spanning form 2011 to 2015, while China increased its military budget by 38 percent and Russia increased its military budget by 40 percent.

While our military spending budget is still the largest in the world, it's important that we keep our military strong and equipped.  Ronald Reagan said that peace is maintained through strength.  We live in a world of violence.  There are constant threats, and they are growing, against U.S. vital interests.  China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are testing the waters, pushing the envelope, and as they become more aggressive, it is important that we continue to pose a threat to them if they begin to bully the nations in their vicinity. . .or worse yet, decide to turn their aggression against the United States.

We also face a growing Islamic threat, yet we have military leaders saying we no longer have the ability to maintain and sustain a continuous combat operation if necessary.

Our military under Obama has been plagued by reduced manpower, an aging fleet, and inconsistent funding.

As we weaken, Russia has moved on Crimea and Ukraine.  China is expanding its reach in the South China Sea, partly by creating artificial islands in international waters, and then militarizing them.  The Middle East is in a constant state of war, and Iran is more active than ever with missile tests and saber-rattling.  North Korea is also testing weapons and missiles, and like Iran, poses as a nuclear threat.

A strong, modern military is vital for a strong America.

If we continue to diminish our forces, we will get to the point where we won't even be able to defend the homeland, much less our overseas interests and allies.

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