Monday, June 13, 2016

Too Many Bureaucrats

By Douglas V. Gibbs,  AuthorSpeaker,InstructorRadio Host

A couple years ago, after speaking to a group along with a few other speakers, I met Brian Nestande.  He was running for Congress at the time.  I gave him a copy of my book, 25 Myths of the United States Constitution.  Later that night at a different event I bumped into Brian's lead staffer for his campaign.  I told him about me leaving Nestande a copy of my book, and I asked if he thought the candidate would read my book.

"Nah," the staffer said.  "He gave it to me and told me to tell him about it."

Politicians don't read things.  They don't read books, they don't read our mail, and they don't read bills.  That's what the bureaucrats are for.  And here's the thing about staffers. . . they never leave.  The staffer working for the Republican this time around was working for a Democrat last time.  And the politician says, "So, what's in the bill I need to know?"

It's a fourth branch of the government.  The bureaucracy branch.  They are the ones in the background, advising and consulting.

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