Wednesday, June 01, 2016


By Allan McNew

For as undignified as it was and regardless of what it was about, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Trump lambaste the media in a press conference for being sleazy and untruthful, which many of them are. There have been things in the past that I had direct, personal knowledge of and it was a completely different story by the time the media cooked it and sent it out to the public.

A significant portion of the media confuses confuses partisan slant and ideological talking points with journalism.

For all the speculative hogwash, misinformation, outright propaganda and digital lynching flying around from all directions on the internet, it's a good thing there is an alternative to boiler basement, traditional yellow journalism. It diminishes their often corrupt power to channel public opinion.

Take Nixon and his paranoia. Just because one is paranoid doesn't mean "they" aren't out to get one. The press hated Nixon from the early 1950's, and they hounded him until he resigned the Presidency in 1974.
making great hay out of Watergate by hammering on public opinion. Would it have been a big deal to the press if the culprit had been Vice President LBJ during the Kennedy years? They would have distracted with
some other story and swept it under the rug.

Now consider how the media covers Clinton. If she had an (R) behind her name they would have flayed her before she started. It's no secret there's plenty of material they push to one side.

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