Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Unsocial Media Freedom of Expression be Damned

By James (Jim) E. Horn

Most of us have seen reports on TV, listened to talk radio show commentary, and, of course read reports over the internet about the very troubling practice of politically motivated censoring of social media. Twitter has shut users down, removed tweets deemed politically or socially offensive and so forth. It’s been the same with Facebook’s censoring that which someone somewhere (or some creative algorithm) determines to be vaguely offensive to someone or some entity.

With Facebook, it seems more obvious, or is it frequent and notorious? Conservative and religious input has been blocked or removed along with pro-Israel and counter-Islam materials and users have been dismissively and arbitrarily shut down, given a 30+ day time-out, or some other manner of “discipline” for wordsmithing perceived to be misbehavior.

You Tube has done some of the same. I was once given a 90-day time out. In the commentary section of one segment I offended someone who reported me. I didn’t even use bad or harsh language, just powerful logic and facts.

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and possibly others have bowed down on bended knee to agree to a European “code of conduct” pledging to filter, manipulate, remove, or block content that some ubersensitive entity deems to be something offensive to someone.

In other words, speaking the truth and presenting facts, or even expressing honest opinions may now be considered hate speech, a clear violation of our First Amendment rights of free expression. Members of the UN who in fact control the UN are working tirelessly to undermine our First amendment rights by working with members of Congress and political groups who fear the truth. {Saying anything that offends a Mullah or Imam can arbitrarily be determined as hate speech, something they would send us to prison for.) Quite clearly Orwell’s 1984 is creeping up on us.

The great state of California has passed legislation that will hold anyone who expresses disbelief and speaks contrarily about man-made climate change to be a criminal of some sort. [WhenMt. St. Helenblew, it pumped more pollutants into the air than all of mankind’s methane gas emissions over a period of more than ten decades.] This legislation was promulgated by California Secretary of State Kemala Harris who is a candidate for the U.S. Senate to replace the like minded wacko, Barbara Boxer.

These social media entities are NOT held properly accountable to we the people. This is wrong and we must find ways to hold them accountable when they mistreat us. How? Should we start treating them like public utilities to be regulated by commissions? Can we insist that they bring onboard a group of Ombudsmen of our (not their) choice who can pass judgment? How about getting some attorneys organized who can initiate class and/or individual lawsuits against social media entities who do wrong?

Zuckerman and his arrogant counterparts need to wake up and understand that they can and will be held accountable for their own misconduct.

James Horn,

Retired Diplomat, writer

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