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Wildfires in the West

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Every year the wildfires blaze up as the thermometer rises.  And, as it happens, the liberal left blames global warming, or climate change, or whatever their buzz word for a radical hysteria for natural weather cycles (in the name of being man-made) they are playing with at the moment.  Never mind that based on true climate influences, the mean sea levels are actually dropping and the temperatures are not what the leftists have predicted.

Western Wildfires Triple in Size; Evacuations In 3 States...

Two major wildfires currently burning have tripled in size in recent days.  Tens of thousands of acres has been burned, and evacuations have been called for in at least three states.  Out west we have the dry conditions, which is hampering firefighting efforts in a region that's expected to see dangerous and potentially deadly heat over the weekend and into early next week with humidity values of less than 15 percent.

In some places, like the Phoenix region and deserts in California, the temperatures may climb as high as 120 degrees - making the conditions very dangerous.  Out here, in the Summer, however, such heat is normal.

The largest of the fires currently burning has torched more than 30,000 acres in the San Mateo Mountains of southwestern New Mexico over the course of nearly a month.  Over 600 firefighters are fighting the blaze, and it is only 30 percent contained.  

In Arizona, the Cedar Creek Fire has also prompted evacuations, and is responsible for the destruction of 10,000 acres.  In the case of both the fires in New Mexico, and in Arizona, the smoke remains a major concern in relation to the health of local residents.

California's Sherpa Fire has consumed almost 6,000 acres in the Los Padres National Forest.  The flames have prompted mandatory evacuations in Southern Santa Barbara County.  Inching closer to the Pacific Ocean, in recent days the fire has "blown up."

U.S. 101 was closed on Friday again since the fire first erupted for hours. A Highway Patrol officer told Associated Press he saw fire tornadoes (the same kind of monsters that killed thousands in Hamburg Germany during World War II fire bombings of that city in 1943).,

Southern California is notorious for having plenty of fuel for fires, which often leads to life and property loss.  In the case of the Sherpa Fire, the local vegetation hasn't burned in over 70 years.  Some concerns has risen as the fire began to inch closer to an Exxon/Mobile facility in Las Flores Canyon.  A buffer zone created by spot fires surrounds the refinery.

The fire was only 5 percent contained as of Friday afternoon.

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