Sunday, July 03, 2016

An Evening with 20 lb. Sledge

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Watching a rock band online is one thing, but if they kick butt live, you know it's good.  Last night, I spent the evening at a rock concert, watching three bands on stage, and all I've got to say is 20 lb. Sledge is phenomenal live.

The opening act at M15 in Corona, Vyces, is a good example of what is currently popular among secular rockers.  Hard riffs, a lot of screaming, and hardcore attitude.  Fun, great to watch, but not for the tender ears of folks like a couple members of my party who spent more time with their hands on their ears, and straining to understand the words, than enjoying the music.

The final act was Alien Ant Farm, and their stage presence was excellent.  They are a seasoned band who knows how to play a crowd, saving their hit rendition of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal for last.

The second act was why I was there.  20 lb. Sledge (find them on Facebook HERE).  I know of the band because of my friendship with Alfonzo Rachel, the conservative You Tube star behind ZoNation and The Zo Loft.  He's the drummer of 20 lb. Sledge, and after meeting all of the members of the band, and spending time with a couple of them, what I realized is that they are a fantastic group of individuals, and musicians.

20 lb. Sledge is a Christian Rock band that plays hard, and plays positive - and a band not afraid to give God the Glory.  The lead singer, Andre Holmes, knows how to engage a crowd, giving us laughs, and personalized interactions.  His vocals were incredible, and the music had even the members in my party who were holding their ears during the previous act's time on stage nodding their heads and tapping their feet. . . from the guitars (Wade on the bass - thanks for the great conversations; and Corey Hollins on blistering guitar - the one member I didn't get a chance to spend time with in conversation last night), to the lyrics, and to Zo's high energy pounding of the skins - it was a good time for all.

Thumbs up.  A lot of fun.  Zo's creation has made good on the promises it was created for musically.  I've got to get these guys on my radio program.  Here's some pics (a photograph taken by a friend with me and the whole band will be coming soon...)

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