Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bombing Attempt at Migrant Office, Germany

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Germany continues to be faced with Muslim terror attacks, the latest being a failed bombing near a government migrant office.  The suitcase bomb failed to explode.  Witnesses say they saw 'Arab-looking' suspects running away from the scene.  The attempted terrorism occurred in the German town Zirndorf in northern Bavaria, near the city of Nuremberg.

The device, which was a suitcase filled with aerosol cans, was reportedly ‘planted by a man and a woman’ as Germany remains on edge after a series of horrifying terror attacks.

According to local officials, there was “No explosion, no injuries. Forces on the ground. No acute danger to the environment.”

Reports, however, say that the ‘bomb’ exploded around 200 metres from the building’s reception area.

According to police at the scene, eyewitnesses reported heard a loud bang while others saw a burning suitcase in a small garden nearby.

German police say they have deployed officers near a refugee accommodation centre and a branch of the country’s office for asylum-seekers after the frightening blast.

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