Friday, July 29, 2016

Europe's Escalating Muslim Problem

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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As the population of Muslims in Europe increases, the frequency of problems associated with Islam has also been increasing.  While the appeasers of leftism are doing what they can to assure everyone that Islam is misunderstood, and to believe terrorism has any connection to the Koran is racist, they are being killed by the violent hand of Muslims.  Their cultures and laws are also changing.  This is what Islam does.  As the percentage of population increases, Islam becomes emboldened, and dangerous.

Swedish Women Urged to Wear Headscarf - Or Be Raped

Multiculturalism invites extremism to take advantage of the situation, to grow its influence, and to become violent when the opposing culture shows weakness.  Islamism is driven by the Koran, and it is a totalitarian system designed to do exactly what Nazism was geared towards.  With deception, Islam has been able to infiltrate their enemy, using hijrah (jihad by immigration).

In Sweden there has been an incredible wave of sexual attacks by Muslims in the country.  The Muslim population advocates rape and violence against infidel women, in Sweden.  Muslims have stickers advocating violence against women.  "Women who do not wear the veil are asking to be raped," one of the stickers said in English. Another one had "No democracy. We just want Islam" written over an image of radical Islamists.

As the government continues their politically correct agenda, the Swedish media is beginning to debate the issue.

Sweden has 65 "no-go zones" where the Muslim ghetto is not even visited by the police.  These areas are regarded as a hotbed of crime and Islamism and have been recognized as chief "suppliers" of terrorists for the numerous conflicts in the Middle East, with at least 300 Swedish nationals leaving the country to join ISIS.

The problem of harassment and sexual violence against women has also been a tender spot for traditionally feminist Sweden. Swedish public baths continue to be afflicted by obnoxious groping incidents, despite efforts from female vigilantes. Swedish summer festivals were plagued by a wave of sexual assaults.  Swedish police are now considering establishing women-only zones as the only viable solution against violence - giving Islam exactly what it wants.

When these attacks occur, they are usually reported as being by "Swedes," for fear of creating fear and hate against Muslims in the country.

'London is next': ISIS threaten attacks on world’s major cities

After the French priest being murdered by two Muslim teens, security has been increased in Britain's 47,000 churches in response.  A ‘heightened concern’ is in place regarding the risks to the Jewish community.  Police have warned Britain’s Christians to be on alert amid fears they could be targeted by ISIS jihadists.

The killing in Normandy was the first known attack claimed by ISIS inside a church in the West after the terrorist organization compiled hit list of places of Christian worship.

ISIS has warned that Washington and London are next on the list of target cities.

ISIS has been urging its followers to attack other French churches targeting what they called ‘Christian crusaders’.

Some in France are prepared to kill Islamism.

After passing the one year anniversary of the Iran Deal, we know that Iran can't be trusted, and is likely also funding the assault against the West.

From the beginning, the nuclear deal with Iran was a bad one. President Barack Obama claimed it would make the world “safer and more secure.” Over the past year, a review of Iran’s behavior should give little assurance to anyone not drinking the White House Kool-Aid that the U.S. is the one in the driver seat.

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