Saturday, July 16, 2016

Military Coup in Turkey Fails

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The military, which historically sides with the West, and secular leadership in Turkey, staged a coup, and failed.  Defiant Turks fought back, with citizens attacking the soldiers and even dragging them from their tanks and beating them in the streets.  The rise in chaos may encourage deeper Islamic control.

According to reports, 104 persons attempting to commit the coup were killed.  160 people (41 police officers and 47 civilians) were killed as well.  Islamic leaders are calling the dead police and civilians 'martyrs'.

Erdogan has told civilians to 'keep on owning the streets' over fears that renewed military action could flare up.  At least 1,500 were wounded in the bloody uprising as Erdogan supporters clashed with the military.

Throughout the night, supporters of Erdogan threw themselves in front of tanks at key landmarks to prevent the military from maintaining a stranglehold on the country, notably outside Ataturk airport in Istanbul, where some civilians lodged themselves under the wheels of tanks to stop them from advancing.

More than 2,800 rebels have been detained after their failed military coup.

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