Wednesday, July 13, 2016


By Allan McNew
You can take the organizer out of the community, but you can't take the community organizer out of the President.
After reflecting on President Obama's off the tracks "can't we all get along"  speech after the Dallas sniper slaughter, I can't help but observe that the President, along with former Attorney General Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch, are largely responsible for the national upsurge in racial animosity. They have put forth the not so subtle message "the white man is out to get you."
Obama, over the last nearly 8 years, has acted in the role of community organizer rather than President. Community organizers accomplish their ends by creating polarity, by exploiting cultivated animosity to push results past the goal post, by pushing all boundaries to gain and wield by any and means available.  You can see it in nearly everything Obama does.
Obama can't help himself, even while speaking in Dallas at what should have been a eulogy for the slain, police and civilian alike. However, he was compelled by his inner activist to lecture from his dogmatic perch about prejudice and racism rather than healing and uniting the nation.
And, you can see the nation unraveling as a result of Obama's long term divisiveness.
It won't happen, but there are times when things would be better for the nation if only Obama would just shut up and give the princess wave from atop the parade float.
It's not 1958 anymore.

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