Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Trump's Got Gingrich in Sharonville

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The buzz is that Trump's V.P. pick might be Newt Gingrich, a highly intelligent man, and a name that may pull more conservatives and republicans into the fold.  Trump is now stumping in the Cincinnati area, and while in Ohio, he has former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich with him - which makes folks wonder. . . is this a way to see if the crowds like Newt with The Donald?  Is this a trial balloon?

Trump's campaign booked an entire Convention Center in Sharonville, and the expectation is that the place will be packed.  Plenty of folks will have a chance to see if they like the potential of a Trump-Gingrich ticket.

"We have enough room for about 5,400 people between those two spaces. We expect standing room only, we expect. They told us they expect hopefully about 5,000 people here tomorrow and that's a very large group for us."

The Secret Service is in charge of security, and Sharonville police are ready for disruptions, protests, and the usual violence that the liberal left brings to Trump events.  In addition to the police, several local law enforcement agencies will assist with crowd control, traffic and parking enforcement.

Sources said the Trump campaign expects to pull in at least $300,000 from the private fundraiser that will be held at the Sharonville Convention Center prior to the public rally. Donors will pay $2,700 to get into the fundraiser, $10,000 for a photo with Trump and $25,000 for a private roundtable discussion with him.

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