Saturday, August 13, 2016

2nd Amendment Conversation Forces Pilot to Land Plane in Pennsylvania

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The conversation between an Ohio conservative and Canadian liberal got heated.  The discussion about guns reached a point that the pilot decided it would be wise to divert the flight to Harrisburg International Airport.

The part of the conversation about poverty and 2nd Amendment rights that raised concern was when the conservative stated he "always carries a gun."  The comment led personnel and passengers on the flight to believe he had a firearm on him at that moment.

The plane was not on the ground very long, proceeding an hour and a half after the Ohio conservative was removed from the plane.  The police questioned the individual after he was removed from the aircraft, searched his belongings, and concluded he did not have a firearm with him.

A tweet from another passenger who said he was seated behind the man appears to explain it pretty well.  “Canadian provoked political discussion with Ohio Conservative and had him thrown off the plane,” the tweet reads.

He was “asked by the pilot not to reboard the plane,” the police report says.

The passenger rented a car and drove to Columbus instead.

If Freedom of Speech is being questioned here, the idea does not apply to privately owned businesses.  If a business owner doesn't appreciate what is being said inside his or her business, they have every right to deny service to the individual.  It may not seem reasonable, here, but that is the right of the pilot, and the airline.

As for the 2nd Amendment part of the discussion, I believe this is less a conversation about the Constitution and more about common sense. You don't yell fire in a theater, you don't say bomb at an airport, and you don't say anything that may insinuate you are armed while aboard an aircraft. Granted, we are in a ridiculously oversensitive society full of dainty snowflakes who are offended by everything. That said, why get into that kind of conversation with someone who is obviously so far out to lunch that nothing said will ever convince them they need to reevaluate what they believe?

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