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A Conversation with Never-Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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JASmius is a friend who used to write daily on Political Pistachio, and co-hosted my radio programs with me.  After he decided to become "Never Trump" and I believed he was writing on my website leftist-style hit pieces against the Republican Candidate for President of the United States in 2016 (which was being seen as a reflection of my position on the issue) we mutually ended the writing and radio relationships.  My advice to him was that he could write about his disdain for Mr. Trump, but I wanted it written with journalistic integrity that he felt would betray his position and force him to sugarcoat his disdain for the GOP Candidate.

Since the separation I have left all of his posts on my website, and have tried to say little or nothing about the "falling out."  However, after writing a piece on his new website challenging my notions about the split, and poking at me a little on Facebook, the conversation about if to be Never Trump, or not to be Never Trump, has emerged once again.  So, when asked about my stance on a piece that appeared on Laura Ingraham's site, recently, I responded.

Perhaps Mr. JASmius has gotten bored.

Here's the exchange:

Douglas V. Gibbs Politics is the art of the possible, right? Ingraham's team misses the point, as does never trumpers. Hillary, as Rumsfield would say, is a known known. Her destructive policies are in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, the Democratic Socialists of America and Communist Party USA. The body count is rising and people have noticed the Left's mafia-style activities. Time is running out for the leftists. Trump, while far short of what I would desire in a candidate, reminds me of the mule in Asimov's Foundation series... Not in the sense of being a tyrant, but in the sense of being a disrupter that was not planned for in the calculations. Obama and Hillary are manifestations of a carefully planned plot that may be disrupted by what Pamela Geller calls a brass-knuckle fighter. Mr. Trump may not be my first choice when it comes to constitutional integrity, but in comparison to Hillary Clinton who seeks to decimate the Constitution, he is.
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Jim Sondergeld "Politics is the art of the possible"? THAT's all you can say to one of Trump's biggest boosters taking a big, Hillaryesque Cleveland steamer on constitutional originalism and the closest thing in the GOP to a hardcore champion of it - and, ultimately, you, or at least the man you used to be? No, my friend, it is you who are missing the point, because you've heaved it overboard undercover of a fusillade of contrived Hillaryphobia - contrived because I know that, deep-down, you know that Trump is just as bad as she is, but the Trumplicanism of your students in which you're marinating has clouded your judgment.
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Jim Sondergeld Three questions: (1) Is there anything Trump could do to disearn your "benefit of the doubt"? (2) What would that be? and (3) How has he possibly not done it already? Heck, he's already guaranteeing Hillary's election.
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Douglas V. Gibbs You see the election as Satan vs. a clone of Satan. Perhaps Persephone vs. Hades would be more accurate. I see it as a woman who is Stalin, Lenin, Alinsky, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and the Star Wars Galactic Emperor all rolled into one versus a billionaire that is pissed off at the Democrats, perhaps he's even hurt by them because he thought they were deeper than ideology, and a guy who is slowly evolving politically and is realizing a conservative world out there he didn't even know existed... He's brash, talks before he thinks, hasn't really thought about many of the issues before... But he's seen a glimpse of what I know about the Clintons, Obama, and the machinery behind the Marxist Revolution being conducted by the Democrat Party. So, to get me to where you are regarding Trump, to answer your three questions, it would have to come out that he is in cahoots with them, a willing communist participant in the communist takeover of the United States of America. It is definitely something I would not put past the anti-America conspirators, but if Hillary Clinton wins, it's end-game, no matter who her opponent is. Done. She will have no problem wrapping it all up and doing the things people have feared Obama would do (martial law, reeducation camps, internment camps for her opposition, etc.). And with Supreme Court picks jumbling around in her pocket, the Constitutional republic will be no more. The Congress would become a voiceless and ignored advisory council, and every action by her would be considered constitutional by her obedient court system. The country would become a one party system, and the global communist apparatus would be all but fully in place. With Trump, no matter how infinitesimal the chance as you may believe, that he is an okay guy, or can win this election, we have a chance to avoid "end-game" ... for now. I never surrender, and refusing to vote for Trump is to surrender America into the hands of a more than century old enemy because I couldn't get over his lack of constitutionality. We've had two, maybe three, presidents since 1900 that had a fair grasp on the Constitution. I am not going to suddenly flip out that Trump has some constitutional deficiencies as the enemy stands at the doorway with their hand on the door knob. I think you underestimate the true danger Hillary represents. However, it's not too late. The red pill is still lying on the table, if you dare.
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Jim Sondergeld In short, you're seeing what you want to see: a ridiculously exaggerated Mephostophelean caricature of Hillary Clinton and purblind, unadulterated wishcasting, utterly and completely unsupported by any evidence or proof, of Trump's non-existent "evolution", both of which you have to use to blind yourself to how much alike, and how completely unacceptable, both candidates are. And the irony, as always, is that Trump's mission, or at least effect, has always, from day one. been the discrediting of constitutional conservatism and the election of Hillary Clinton. And you won't even criticize a Trump flack's denigration of veneration for the Founding Document. "Sad" doesn't begin to describe it.
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Jim Sondergeld "If you ask me, Ingraham and Kozak, caught in their populist wave, have forgotten what it is to be a conservative. Individualism is the name of the game. The document that I do have a fondness for, I have have a fondness for because it protects me fromthe monstrosities that occur from overreaching powers, be they from an individual or a populist mob.

"We're not worshiping the constitution. It's a thing. Conservatives especially have much loved stories that warn us against worshiping "things." But what we are doing is standing by it as diligently as our imperfections allow, especially against men who love the idea of completely ignoring it."

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Douglas V. Gibbs You remind me of the Time Magazine editors who made Adolf Hitler the Man of the Year. They believed him to be a "moderate" Nazi, a misunderstood man, and in no ways capable of what he was capable of and would eventually prove he was capable of. The story of Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party Machine as it is connected to communism, socialist organizations, and Muslim interests is well documented, but is disregarded by the establishment and the mainstream media as being a load of conspiratorial crap - because they are complicit. The system hasn't revealed who they are because they are the system. You have decided to listen to co-conspirators who are telling you there is no conspiracy as they participate in the cover-up of the conspiracy by telling you what they are telling you. Granted, some are just hapless fools who can't see the mountains of proof because they are too busy poking at Trump's anthill. And I totally get the danger of "populism" as the left has labeled Trump's rise. We are not a democracy, but we seem to have forgotten how to act like a republic. Populism is dangerous, or can be. Modernism and populism combined to give us the fascists of the early twentieth century. I get it. We must keep the republic, and not focus on keeping some kind of suicidal democracy. Yes, true, all of it. Keeping the republic takes work, and it will take steps that we may not have time for to reclaim the republic as we hope we can. Fact is, if Hillary gets elected, the clock runs out of time. The Marxist Revolution in America, of which the Clintons are a big part of, is all well supported by a mountain of evidence, and proof, that has emerged in the writings of a variety of people, and is still emerging as we communicate. In fact, I was happy to see that Trevor Loudon's film, "The Enemies Within" captures the details of the construction of the Marxist Revolution in America quite well, revealing how the dots are connected, and who is really behind the Democrat Party push for power. Dinesh D'Souza is another voice who has been presenting evidence. We can go into Cleon Skouson's writings, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, A. Ralph Epperson, and existing records you can look up at your local library. The proof exists, and in fact the evidence of the Clinton Machine's communist and Muslim ties are presented quite well in the research by Trevor Loudon in his book, "The Enemies Within" (of which the film is named after). That all said, for me it is simple. Trump is a man who I am not sure would be a good President. I hope he would be, and as I saw Glenn Beck once say, if Trump turned out to be a good president, he'd be the first to apologize for his doubts. The reality and logic of it all, if we are willing to stop a moment and take a look, tells us that with Trump there is a chance to hold off, hold back, and maybe even disrupt the plans of the Marxist Revolution being waged in this country by the Democrat Party. Obama nearly killed this country. We have been set back a century, to a time before the conservative movement really got rolling. Hillary Clinton is something worse. Her connections, dealings and corruption is written plainly in large, bold words on the wall, and you tell me, "I can't be sure the writing is there, and I can't vote for Trump because he may have written 'Trump was here' on some corner that I can't see" as the writing continues to multiply in front of your face about who the Democrats have become, and what they want to do to this country. Then, on top of that, the one chance, no matter how slight it may be, to stick a monkey wrench in the works of what the Democrats have been working towards, Donald Trump, has become your target, instead. The enemy is standing in front of you, threatening to kill all that is near and dear to us, and you are foaming at the mouth with rage and leftist-style hit pieces against Trump. "Never Trump" means "Embrace Hillary". There is no third choice. It is one or the other. Complaining about it, and screaming that the two-party system sucks, or that we can't accept either of them, does not change the fact that it is one, or the other. To not make a choice is to choose Hillary. Simple. Trump may be a lot of things, but he is not the Mephostophelean caricature you make him out to be. Does he deserve criticism? Sure. He's far from perfect. But, I will take the less than perfect bumbling billionaire who is in the midst of an evolution as a political chess piece who actually loves this country and his family over the Marxist and Muslim connected traitor, Benghazi murderer, and pathological liar who holds disdain for this country, and is a part of an active Marxist Revolution to fundamentally change America forever. To me, the logic is obvious. Pick the guy who you may not be a fan of, who is probably not the best we could have, but overall is a good guy and loves this country, or a woman who is everything evil and detrimental to the U.S. Constitution and the liberty this nation was founded upon. And remember, you were the guy angry with the anti-Romney crowd last time because they didn't see him as a perfect candidate. Is that not a load of hypocrisy? Come on, man, you are smarter than this. Don't be a blind tool of the Marxist Revolution, believing all of the propaganda they have put out through the media, and the establishment. You are better than that. The Constitution is no more than ink and paper if we don't take a stand to defend it. . . and Hillary Clinton's aim is to utterly destroy it. A vote against her is a vote against a woman who hates the Constitution as it was originally written and intended. Trump may not be what we had hoped for as an opposition candidate, but to not vote for him is to vote for her. That is the unfortunate truth. She is so bad, the Democrats are so deeply connected with socialists, Marxists and Muslim organizations and nations (Loudon counts over a hundred in the House of Representatives and about twenty in the Senate who have direct ties to socialist and communist organizations) that to vote for her would literally be to vote for our own destruction, end-game, and would be literally a leaping forth along the final steps to the final spot on Tytler's Cycle. . . Bondage. We have become Godless, apathetic, complacent, and uninformed, and now in our current condition as a culture you wish to vote against the one last pebble of resistance against the woman who wishes to slam the final nail in the coffin of liberty home? Not I. To hopefully stumble and interrupt the Marxist Revolution, I must vote against Hillary Clinton. . . and that means a vote for Donald J. Trump.
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