Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Are You Fearful?

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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"The passion to be reckoned upon, is fear." -- Hobbes

Looking back into the annals of history what we recognize is that in order for tyranny to rule they must use fear to ensure obedience to the state.  Without fear, their can be no tyrannical rule.

For fear of imprisonment, torture, death, or public ridicule the populace obeys the orders of the ruling class.  Otherwise, they fear they may suffer punishment for disobedience.

To determine if something is tyrannical, then, we could simply gauge what the fear-factor is.

A friend of mine fears putting up a "Trump for President" sign in his yard because the last one he put up was taken.  A woman up the street had hers vandalized.  Another gentleman told me that since he put a Hillary for Prison 2016 sticker on his car, the vehicle has been keyed multiple times.

Do people who put up pro-Hillary signs or stickers fear the same repercussions?

Because of the violence of protesters, are we more fearful to go to a Trump rally?  Or a Clinton rally?

How about an "anti-Islam" sign or sticker?  Are we fearful to take a stand against Islam?

Would you have the same fears of reprisal by a group should you put up pro-Islam materials?

On a college campus are our students more fearful to speak up about conservatism or liberalism?  Which side is more violent against its opposition?  How many conservatives keep their mouths shut in college, or in Hollywood because of the violent or hateful response they will get?

If the fear lies in the hands of liberalism and Islam, doesn't that clearly make them tyrannical?

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