Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Biased Schools

By Douglas V. Gibbs

According to Fox News, a Pennsylvania political science professor, Gettysburg College Prof. Kathleen Iannello, says she will not even try to treat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP choice Trump equally because, in her mind, Trump is a “lightning rod for promoting further hate.”

Further hate?  How?  It seems to me I never heard the media, or anyone else, call Trump racist or a hate-monger until he decided to run against Democrats.

What has he said that is racist or hateful?  That we should enforce immigration laws (though, he did say recently he is considering a softening of those laws which does make me nervous. Does he think he must move to the center to win?  That's what killed the last two GOP candidates for President. . . the strong words and stances is what got him where he is at), or that we should ban Muslims from coming into the country because we can't tell the good from the terrorists?  That's not racism. That's national security.

When asked by The College Fix if her stance would be fair to students who might not share her politics, Iannello said it would.

“I can assure you that all students will have a voice in my classes,” she told the site.

Really?  With her statement about Trump, I doubt it.

"Sure," I am sure she is thinking, "be honest about your politics.  I dare you."

“Professor Iannello means well and is a decent teacher, but she preaches her liberal propaganda way too much in class,” read a 2008 entry on, adding, “she is not open to new ideas and is very closed-minded on her beliefs.”

Other entries described her as “intimidating if you lean right” and a person who gives “conservatives a hard time.” “If you’re a right-winger, be prepared to walk into a brick wall whenever you enter the classroom,” one review states.

That's not the only garbage going on at our campuses.  The College Fix has a whole slew of shocking stories. . . 

Public university hosts blacks-only student retreat – to promote inclusion

WHITE PRIVILEGEAccused of being Eurocentric, Roger Williams U. hires social justice expert to help lead campus

Princeton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man’

Public university to host whites-only student retreat on ‘white privilege’

Latino students booted from online support groups for expressing conservative views

Just to name a few.

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