Saturday, August 06, 2016

Constitution Radio: Bill of Rights Explained

Last Saturday it got ugly - and our discussion was exactly the reason James Madison was against the creation of a Bill of Rights.  He knew it would muddy the waters.  Today, I have my resources on hand to back up what I said last week about the Bill of Rights, and the question of jurisdiction.

Saturdays, 1:00 pm ... if you miss the program, listen to the archived podcast HERE.

Host Douglas V. Gibbs (Author,Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host) will be joined by co-host Alex Ferguson (

After the discussion regarding the Bill of Rights, the Book of the Week, and the Constitution Quest Question of the Week, we will then discuss the AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week. . .

3. Terrorist Attack in London

2. Queen Hillary

1. Obama's Iranian Ransom of $400 Million

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