Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hidden Treasures: Oak Glen and Oak House

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Twice a week I go up to the San Gorgonio Pass Area for radio programs on KMET 1490 AM.  The Conservative Voice Radio program is pre-recorded during the week, then I go up on Saturday to perform Constitution Radio live at 1pm.  Yesterday, my wife went up to the studio with me.  After all, last Thursday was our 32nd Wedding Anniversary, and she wanted to spend some time with me.

At the studio, after the program, we noticed a cartoon map on the wall in the kitchen area.  The map was of an area called "Oak Glen."

According to the map if we were to keep going up Beaumont Avenue, it become Oak Glen Road, and would take us up to the mountain community of Oak Glen.

So, we headed up the mountain.

In a matter of minutes, we were in the heart of Oak Glen.  Apple Orchards and shopping, galore.  Serendipity has a bed and breakfast, Riley's is known for its colonial period recreations, and Oak Tree Village is 12 acres of down home browsing fun.  The place was pretty busy.  We got one of only a couple parking spaces remaining.  The locals said in a couple weeks, beginning Labor Day, the place will be jumping because apple picking season will be in full swing.  Good luck finding parking then.

Afterward, on the way down, we passed a steakhouse we plan to visit next time up, and then we made it down to Yucaipa where we discovered another hidden gem.

The owner of Oak House Restaurant at 34373 Yucaipa Blvd. in Yucaipa has been running the place for twenty years.  His lovely and sweet daughter, Gabby, served us.  She was all smiles, and told us that we came at a good time.  During Breakfast the place is packed to the rafters.

Hometown cooking, or a huge breakfast, or Mexican food, are all on the massive menu.  My wife went for the catfish, and I decided upon Salisbury Steak.  Salad and dessert was included in the reasonable price.  The vegetables were not too crunchy, not overcooked.  The potato had all the fixin's.  The fish and meat?  Well, it was pretty good, too.  In fact, my wife (who is a fish connoisseur of sorts) said the fish was exactly right.  As for dessert, my wife got a slice of apple pie, and I got flan.  The flan was made just the way I like it (not too thick like some places like to make it), and the apple pie. . . well let's just say that by the time I asked for a bite, it was gone.

Whipped Cream and ice cream was a part of the dessert as well. . . of course.

The decor was country, with music in the background (country-western).  The place almost looks like an old log cabin lodge you might find in the snowy reaches of higher elevations.  But, it was in Yucaipa, right up the road from Interstate 10.  The restaurant is separated into two sections, with glass memorabilia focusing on The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Gene Autry lining the centerline.  The booths are very comfortable, and the lighting was exactly right.

The final tally?  A little bit of gas, a good time by all, and a dinner that stuffed us for under $30 for the both of us.  I'd say for someone on a budget, that's a pretty good time out.

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