Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Hillary Mural: From Bikini, to Burka, to Black

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The experiment in political correctness played out exactly as the artist expected.  The sensitivities of the Australian people, according to the powers that be, can't handle political satire, or any paintings that resemble free thought.

The drama played out on a brick wall in Melbourne, Australia.  A graffiti artist first painted a mural of Hillary Clinton in a small bikini with $100 bills tucked in it.  Personally, Bill wishes Hillary looked even half as good as the depiction presented by the painter.

The mural became controversial, and the wall near a store was not seen as being acceptable to the powers that be.

No problem.  The artist covered up his mural of a bikini-clad Hillary Clinton painting a burqa over the image, and adding the words, "If this Muslim Woman offends U, U R a bigot, racist, sexist Islamophobe."

Local political leaders weren't too thrilled about the cover-up mural, either..

The store's owner was out of town, but the person watching over the business said she had no problem with the mural. Still, the Maribyrnong Council determined that it was offensive and demanded it removed.

In response, the artist again decided to kick controversy in the groin, posting a picture on his Twitter account that showed the mural entirely covered with black paint. The caption read, “Looks like the council wins.”

Lushsux has a history of painting provocative murals. In one, he painted a seductive-looking Melania Trump naked except for two Donald Turmp heads covering her breasts. Lushsux coyly captioned the image on Twitter: "Decided to censor my work now as not to cause any offence."

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