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Organizing to Defeat Liberalism

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Creating a structure

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” ― Vince Lombardi

ORGANIZATIONS DO NOT BUILD THEMSELVES. The organizer must have a precise vision, a mission that others can see themselves being a part of. It takes patience and time to build a successful organization. Often, the organizers are new at the process, and build the organization through trial and error. Whether following a template that has been established by other organizations, or building an organization from scratch, it is imperative that the people know that there is a reason for being there. The organization has a reason for existing.

A friend of mine told me about a conversation he had with his son regarding his “alliance.” The son said, “Dad, you have built a great group. They are a fantastic group of complainers. But what do you do?”

The war to stop statism cannot be won by sitting on the couch complaining, or having a once a month “rah-rah” meeting where we enjoy a good guest speaker and then go home to the distractions that got us in trouble in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, having monthly meetings with a meal and a guest speaker are not a bad thing. The Constitution Association, of which I am a part of, does exactly that. But, we also meet weekly to strategize and plan, we hold classes and attend various political meetings. We work with other groups to broaden our impact, and we demand from our representatives audience, and an alliance in achieving the changes we are working to implement.

Organizations take on the personality of the members. If the association is complacent, the leader is disorganized, and the members are satisfied with only having someplace to go to hang out with a bunch of fellow complainers once per month, then the group will reflect that. If the members are energetic, angry at statism’s advances, and seeking answers to their questions when it comes to booting the statists out of our government, the organization will reflect that attitude. The members, however, must also choose a leader for the organization who reflects their personality, who is willing to go the extra mile, and is capable of convincing others to join the effort.

The hope of the members, when it comes to the organization, is that it will be responsible and effective in achieving whatever it is they hope to accomplish.

A good organization leader realizes his limitations. We are only human, after all, and if he takes on all of the responsibilities, he will hinder the growth of the organization. The leader needs to realize he cannot do all things, and must learn to delegate responsibilities to his most trusted captains.

“I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.” – Henry Ford.

While the leader of the organization must have the competence, talent, and courage to lead the group, he must also have faith in his ability and courage. The people who surround the leader must also believe in his capacity to act, and to lead the team to victory. In turn, he must have the same faith in them, that together they make a great team, and that together they will have the courage to end the reign of the oppressive statist establishment.

The uninformed members of the population fear without knowledge. They respect authority while hating authority. They consider the system to be oppressive, yet call for a more expansive authoritarian system to protect them from themselves. They have been fooled to return to the plantation, to be enslaved in a system where a ruling elite maneuvers them as it wishes.

Through the organizational structure that stands against statism, the uninformed may enjoy the opportunity to be educated, to come to the realization that all that they know is nothing more than deception. They have been lied to. Their lives are an illusion. Their freedom is bondage, and their hope for change is a deal with the devil that will put them in chains.

The structure of the organization must be in such a way that it operates legally, within the rules and regulations of government, while simultaneously maneuvering and baiting the statist establishment so that it labels the organization as “radical,” “dangerous,” “extreme,” and potential “domestic terrorists.” The informed part of the public, and some of the uniformed members, will recognize the fallacy, and side with the organization out of hate for the oppressive statist establishment.

In today’s society, some members of the resistance take offense to the labels being placed upon them. Tea Party groups have ceased to use the term “Tea Party” because of the negative connotation that is now associated with it. The same applies to “republican,” “conservative,” and “constitutionalist.” To the true members of the resistance, these labels are a badge of honor. They reveal that the statists are willing to recognize the existence of their opposition, and by lashing out with name-calling, it shows us that we make them nervous. If our growth is successful, eventually they will begin to react out of fear, declaring us unwelcome in their midst.

The structure of the organization must include alliances and coalitions. The organizer must have relationships with like-minded persons and groups which may include, but is not limited to, various communities, pastors, churches, clubs, protest groups, and various other organizations.

Infiltration is also necessary. The organization needs to ally with members of city councils, county offices, State officials, and federal politicians. These allies become the eyes and ears of the resistance inside the government.

Infiltration must also be achieved inside the media outlets, education centers and other hives that swarm with statists – not to take over these institutions, for the statists are too entrenched. The infiltration is for the purpose of compromising their operations. When it comes to taking back the media, education system, and other institutions, the better strategy is to replace those systems with alternatives that appeal more to the public.

While the government will view the organization as seditious, and a part of the opposition, to the general public it is in the best interest of the organization to be viewed as a philanthropic institution that promotes the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of time and money to good causes. Therefore, though the primary goal of the organization is to restore the republic, and stand against the statists in government, the organization must also be community oriented on the local level.

“Private philanthropy plays a special and vital role in our society. Beyond providing for areas which government cannot or should not advance (such as religion), private philanthropic organizations can be uniquely qualified to initiate thought and action, experiment with new and untried ventures, dissent from prevailing attitudes and act quickly and flexibly.”

We must understand the attitude of the statist ruling elites. They believe the system belongs to them. We live in their communities, use their roads, and play by their rules. If it wasn’t for them, they believe, we would have nothing. No business would be able to operate, no city would be able to function, and no person would be safe from the dangers of individualism. The statist believes without a strong central government, society itself would collapse under the weight of its own greed and selfishness.

A friend once visited Washington D.C., and he had with him “pink slips” that read at the top in large letters, “YOU’RE FIRED!” He walked the halls of Congress, handing them out to representatives, and when he got to Charlie Rangel, the Democrat hid behind his staff and said, “Do you know who you are talking to? You’re trespassing on government property.”

Snooper grinned, and replied, “Who do you think owns this building?”

The concepts of self-governance and limited government mean nothing to the statists who have hijacked our American System. But it was they who were once the agitators. Now they are the establishment, and though they know how to infiltrate, and claim to be the rebellion against the establishment, they have no understanding about how to defend against their own tactics, and their own style of rebellion.

The new organizers must use the structure of their resistance to reintroduce the principles of liberty, to make the people hungry for change that goes back in the direction this nation once represented. The uniformed must be informed, realize they have been lied to, that the statists in power are the communists we grew up fearing, the socialists who have destroyed civilization time and time again throughout history. And the masses must understand that the statists only understand force, confrontation, and confidence. The pot must be stirred. The disillusionment of the population must be cultivated. It is the statists who have been responsible for our misery, not those they project their sins upon.

Hope and change has failed, socialist change has destroyed the foundation of our American System. Rather than change, we need restoration – resurrection – of the principles of the United States Constitution. But the statists may not go quietly. It may take violence to remove them. . . but if violence is necessary, let them start it, let them fire the first shots, let them draw the first blood. Let them be to blame for blood in the streets, if it does indeed have to go to that.

The goal is peaceful change, to win the nation back without bloodshed. As Americans, it must be a last resort to see American’s killing Americans again, as we did during the War Between the States. We can win the day by activating the patriots, the veterans, and the churches. We are the majority, and we have the power to restore our republic if only we would be willing to stand against the statists together, in greater numbers, and do what needs to be done. The problem is, they do not think it can be done – I mean our allies, and the members of the opposition.

During the American Revolution, only 30% of the population supported independency, and only 3% of the population actually fought the war. Yet, here we are, with more than 60% of the population on our side, and we fear engaging the minority, we fear them because we believe their rhetoric, and we fear the consequences they may impose upon us.

Why do we fear their rage? What good is a movement if the members of the resistance do not believe it can be done? Did not an onslaught of angry voters calling Washington over a potential amnesty vote in 2008 stop the vote? Did not the Tea Party with their rallies and protests change the face of Congress during two mid-term elections?

All we need to be is organized, and then we will have the power to restore the Constitution. The structure of the organization only needs good members, people who are willing to be advocates for liberty. We need more organizers, teachers, church members, military veterans, and any other body who is willing to fight the good fight. Are we not obligated to for the sake of our children?

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ― Ronald Reagan

We have stopped educating our children, and have handed the duties over to the statists. We act like there is no reason to worry because calamity has yet to strike. But, by then it will be too late. The point of no return is nearly upon is, but we have not crossed over just yet. We still have the power to restore the republic, but we must organize, structure the organization properly, educate, and fight to win.

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