Friday, August 12, 2016

The Truth Behind Trump Supporter's Rage

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The liberal left media is always looking for that one person they can use as the poster child for the conservatives of this country.  The crazier, the better.  They claim the "right-wing" is filled with bitter clingers of their guns and Bibles, that the Right is uneducated and a bunch of dumb hicks from the hills (despite a study that shows the opposite), and that conservatives are all angry, out of control gun owners just waiting for an excuse to go postal on everyone.

So, when they get a chance to record an angry Republican in front of a camera, it's like manna from Heaven.

Except, it's hard for them to find, so they have to either manufacture the madness, or get lucky every once in a while.

In a video captured by CNN, just the kind of guy they were looking for to exploit was in the crosshairs of their lens, and they were ready to spread it around the entire internet and on every liberal left network.

Except, if you pay attention, is it possible to assume that the person they are using as an example of the rabid "Right" had "righteous anger?"

The right-wing nut-job angry guy that CNN thought they had captured was not your typical Republican. . . if you listen carefully.

Drudge Report made it a headline, not because of the reasoning by the left that right-wingers are nuts and that's why it should be on the front page, but instead to show that first of all the anger against the liberal left media is real, and it is raging.

But, something more needs to be considered as you watch the video. . .

The Trump supporter said to the CNN Reporter: "I Am A Patriot And You Are A Traitor!"

Strong words.  Would the man saying those words understand truly what he was saying?

The rally was in Kissimmee, Florida.  The CNN sheepster was Noah Gray, a CNN producer covering the Trump campaign rally.  He uploaded the video to Twitter showing a Donald Trump rally attendee shouting at journalists covering the event. "Go home!" he said. "You are traitors! I am an American Patriot!"

When asked his name, the man replied: "I am a Patriot! And your name is 'Traitor.'"

The voice of the rally-goer revealed some kind of foreign accent.  It sounded like an Easter European accent, to me.  One thing I have noticed about people from Europe, especially those from former Soviet Satellites. . . they recognize tyranny, they are more than aware what the democrats represent, and it scares the hell out of them.

Righteous anger.

If you were an immigrant who came to America to escape the kind of leftist crap the Democrats are pedaling, and then get here only to see that it is happening here as well, though still in its infancy when compared to how far down the road of socialism Europe is, you would be willing to fight tooth and nail to protect your new found liberty.  Any political ideology outside what was originally intended by the U.S. Constitution is a foreign ideology, and to support such a thing is to overthrow the original intent of the United States - making the left-wing perpetrators guilty of treasonous activities.

He used the word "Traitor" for those supporting the left-wing cause.  The rally-goer was right.

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