Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump Sneaks back into the Lead

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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LA Times shows Donald Trump sneaking back into the lead. . . despite all of their manipulation of the poll!  I'm sure his visit to Louisiana probably helped.
While Hillary Clinton makes White House Preparations...

From the Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton’s increasingly confident campaign has begun crafting a detailed agenda for her possible presidency, with plans to focus on measures aimed at creating jobs, boosting infrastructure spending and enacting immigration reform if current polling holds and she is easily elected to the White House in November.

In recent weeks, as her leads over GOP nominee Donald Trump have expanded, Clinton has started ramping up for a presidency defined by marquee legislation she has promised to seek immediately. The pace and scale of the planning reflect growing expectations among Democrats that she will win and take office in January alongside a new Democratic majority in the Senate.

The latest polls don't have them concerned.  They are pretty confident in their cover-up of Hillary's crimes, and the fraud that will be committed on election day in November.

As discussed yesterday on my radio program. . . 

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