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Why I am Voting for Donald Trump

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Trump has grown on me, slightly.  I hope my early dissatisfaction with him was wrong.  Here's the thing.  I'm not going to vote for Donald J. Trump in the presidential election in November because he's a great candidate. I am not sure that he is.  I am not voting for Trump because I think he is some kind of constitutional giant.  Clearly, he's not.  Then again, we've only had a couple presidents who have even had the slightest idea what the Constitution is all about in the last hundred years.  Trump wasn't the best Republican candidate by a long shot, and Donald Trump still has a lot of learning to do when it comes to the political game.  That said, I would gladly offer my services to him as a constitutional adviser, and I will vote for him because the alternative is a lying, corrupt, America-hating communist named Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's "accomplishments" can be summed up in four words: She's Bill Clinton's wife.  Well, there's that, and she thinks she's qualified to be President of the United States because she has convinced an awful lot of people that lady-parts are also political qualifiers.  While she was Secretary of State she made the world less safe, was a large part in unleashing ISIS, and stood by watching without even a care as four Americans died in Benghazi.  Then, to cover her own ass, and the the hard-left narrative that Islam loves us and terrorism is over because of the great Barack Obama, she lied about all of it.

Combined with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton has made this a more dangerous world. . . not only when it comes to Islam, but also when it comes to our dealings with Russia, North Korea, China, and various other players in the world.  In the time she and Obama have been among the most powerful people in the world, the Middle East has gone to shambles, Egypt has been lost as an ally, Libya is in anarchy, Syria and Iraq are war zones, terrorism is at an all-time high in Europe, Islamism has become stronger in Turkey, and China has taken over the South China Sea.  She has been caught lying, she has been linked to a nearly endless list of corruption and fraud, and after acting in a treasonous manner regarding her private email server, the FBI let her walk because everyone involved is afraid of suffering an untimely death.  The list of "accidental" deaths among people who have either crossed the Clintons, or were scheduled to testify against them, is staggering.  The Clinton Foundation is turning out, as evidence is emerging, to be nothing more than a conduit for a pay-to-play scheme that has placed Americas' national security at risk.  She places money and power, and protecting a political narrative, above honesty, integrity, and the safety of the United States.  She has talked about communitarianism, community above individualism, and doing what's best for the collective to such an extent that I am not sure who she sounds most like; Karl Marx or Saul Alinsky.

Hillary Clinton is a far left socialist fascist that even makes Bernie Sanders look fine.

Think about that, for a moment.  Bernie Sanders, who is a self-avowed socialist, is too moderate for the supporters of Hillary Clinton.

With Hillary that far to the left, and more sinister than even Barack Obama, the last thing I want to do is give her the opportunity to nominate the next Supreme Court Justice, and likely the next few.

If Hillary Clinton wins in November, the Supreme Court of the United States will become a rubber stamp for every wet dream the far left socialist commie bastards of the Democrat Party have in store for us.  The Democrat Party leadership in a number of States and the federal nutcases who are in the Democrat Party, will go for broke, knowing the Supreme Court won't say a thing to stop them, or question them - and will likely use case law and precedent law to force the leftist agenda upon the rest of the States.  Who needs Congress when you have a Supreme Court agreeing with everything, and forcing its will nationwide?  With the court in her corner, Congress will become irrelevant (as if it doesn't already seem to be) and she'll make Obama's use of Executive Orders, letters, memos and actions look like child's play.  While I am not a supporter of Judicial Review, the fact is the politicians and "important people" think it is the law of the land, and will do nothing if the court ceases to be any kind of check upon the President's actions.  The opponents of Hillary Clinton will lie down and do her bidding if she has the Supreme Court in her corner, and the media will double-down on the unconstitutional lie about how powerful the courts are.

A very liberal U.S. Supreme Court means that conservatism is done.  The country is done.  Normally, I am an optimist, and I will still fight to try and turn this all around should the worst happen, but for all intensive purposes, a strong-willed liberal majority on the Supreme Court ends everything, ends every issue, and ends any legislative hope.

Remember, most people in America think the Supreme Court is supposed to be the final say on everything.  It doesn't matter if that concept is unconstitutional, and that in reality Congress has the constitutional authority to be a check against the court - and can actually nullify unconstitutional rulings through the use of the Exceptions Clause in Article III of the U.S. Constitution.  In the scholarly heads of everyone in the political club of experts, based on the crap we've been taught all of our lives, the court has final say, and therefore a liberal majority with young liberal judges will be the death nail in this country's liberty because all of the important people believe all of that garbage.

So, to all you GOP Never-Trump assholes, you are playing into the hands of the liberal left.  They are saying a bunch of crap about Trump that for the large part is not true, and your decision to sit it out on election day will put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.  She is not even close to what is best for this country.  And Trump may be a lot of things, but he doesn't hate this country, and I believe with who he has been surrounding himself with, he really wants to be a conservative president.

I may be wrong, but with Trump, we're not really sure.  We know, however, what we are getting with Hillary Clinton.

As Rumsfeld would put it, Hillary is a "known-known."  We know what she is all about.  We know what she wants to do to this country.  She makes Obama look like a mild opening act.  What Obama didn't finish, she will, and more.

Hillary has shown us that she is all about money, power, leftism, and rubbing elbows with the enemy.

Trump has shown in his lifetime to love this country, to have fairly conservative values, believes in the free-market system, wants to be tough on immigration and the refugee program, and based on how he raised his kids he has strong family values, and powerful values that go hand in hand with individualism, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.

Never-Trump folks, has he been lying his entire life about these things?  Do you really believe he is as bad as Hillary?  If Trump is even slightly better than Hillary, we have to vote for him.  Fine. He's inexperienced.  He doesn't understand the Constitution.  He thinks the President has more power than he should, and may use that to act upon a few things we might not like.  He's still better than Hillary who hates the Constitution, sees it as an obstacle, believes the federal government should not only control everyone, but raise your kids while it's at it.  She is in bed with Russia, in bed with China, in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, and in bed with Saudi Arabia.

Is it really that hard for you to see?

I've got to vote for Trump.  Am I a huge fan of his?  No.  I am guessing I will constantly be hammering on him for bad decisions if he's President.  But, if you don't vote for him, and we wind up with Hillary, it will be like choosing Satan over the idiot uncle who can't seem to figure things out just yet, makes dumb decisions, says dumb stuff, but overall he's a good guy.

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