Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Clinton Crime Family Losing the White House

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Hillary Clinton's criminal activity and the corruption of the Clintons was not enough to hurt the 2016 campaign.  Her mishandling of confidential materials on a private email server was not enough to derail her campaign.  FBI investigations and congressional hearings were nothing more than a blip on the screen to her drive for the presidency.  Benghazi isn't even known to exist to most Democrat or uninformed voters - bring it up and the response is often, "Ben who?"  Hillary Clinton was the next chosen Democrat, next in line, the one expected to sit on the throne after The One.  But, all of those little things that had been pestering her campaign added up to doubts.  Chips and dents.  A weakening of the structure.  Then, Hillary Clinton's health suddenly became too great to hide.  She is stumbling, with her feet dragging behind her.  Hillary has become sloppy.  She called half of Trump's followers "a basket of deplorables," and like the brass-kunckles fighter that he is, Donald Trump jumped all over it, using Democrat-style tactics against the chosen one.  And the great Hillary Clinton, with her spike dug into the glass ceiling, and her hammer ready to strike and shatter that ceiling, has gone into a moment of weakness, and has fallen off the ladder.

Donald Trump is taking the lead, and as Democrats drop off like dying flies, the Republicans are appearing in droves. . . and they are doing it in key States.

The LA Times Poll has Trump up by almost five points.  According to RealClearPolitics: Reuters only has Clinton up by one point.  Bloomberg in Ohio, Trump is up by 5 points.  NBC News has Clinton's lead down to 2 points.  CNN/ORC has Trump up by 2 points.

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