Monday, September 12, 2016

If Hillary Is Replaced because of her Health

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Hillary's deplorable health got even more deplorable after she called Trump supporters "deplorables."

There has been a lot of scuttlebutt about what would happen if Hillary was prosecuted, and wound up no longer qualified for President because she was sentenced to time in prison.  What would happen?  Would the Democrats seek a replacement?

With their corrupt tentacles dug deeply in all parts of government, the Clintons have nothing to worry about legal consequences for any of their actions.  I doubt she'll ever face time for her crimes.

Illness, however, is something that nobody can escape. . . not even the Clintons.

The rumors regarding Hillary's health range from Parkinson's Disease to straight out seizures.  Even the mainstream media can no longer ignore her health, especially when recently she stumbled to her car like a "zombie", having to be practically carried into the backseat.  The reality of her bad health could be so devastating to her candidacy that CNN demanded that Dr. Drew retract comments he made about her health.

Now, according to leftist reporter David Shuster, the Democrat Party plans to have a special meeting to discuss a possible replacement for Hillary Clinton at the top of their ticket for President of the United States, 2016.

Just to make sure this wasn't some kind of false reporting, I went to a number of sources, and it turns out even the lefties are reporting this.

Occupy Democrats: It is with great trepidation that we must report that apparently the Powers That Be within the Democratic Party are considering drafting a replacement for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after a video of her possibly collapsing from heatstroke or pneumonia emerged today.

Of course, Conservative websites were all over it. . .

Gateway Pundit: Reporter David Shuster posted to Twitter Sunday evening that operatives in the Democratic Party have told him an emergency meeting by the Democratic National Committee is being considered to replace presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the heels of her case of pneumonia allegedly causing her to collapse Sunday morning at the 9/11 15th anniversary commemoration at Ground Zero in New York City.

Allen West: Benghazi didn’t do it. Nor did the email scandal and ensuing FBI investigation do it.  But could today’s “medical episode,” in which the Democrat presidential nominee collapsed— and the supposedly delayed reporting of the candidate’s “pneumonia” — be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid?  According to one Democrat operative, the answer may be yes.

Breitbart: Hillary Clinton is seen as the last candidate standing who can keep the establishment in Washington D.C. from existential ruin, but she’s having trouble standing.

Lifezette: In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s Sunday collapse at a 9/11 memorial ceremony, Democrat leaders are asking: “What if … ?” “What if she hasn’t been candid and is a lot sicker than they thought?” “What if it becomes apparent that she is too weak to campaign vigorously?”  “What if we have to reconsider her nomination because she chooses to step aside?”

Trump and Hillary are nose to nose in the polls.  Would a change signal a definite loss for the Democrats?  Can Hillary rebound with even the mainstream media finally starting to finally talk about her health?

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