Thursday, September 01, 2016

Trump Visits Mexico. . . Keeps Eye on Immigration Issue

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The issue that launched Trump into popularity and into the GOP nomination for the 2016 race for President of the United States is immigration.  His hard stance on immigration has been appreciated by a large group of Americans.  Recently, it was thought he might be getting soft on the issue, a move that would lose him the election if he decided to back off on his immigration rhetoric.

Now, Donald Trump has decided to make a trip to Mexico, a trip that accentuates the immigration as the centerpiece of his campaign.  While Hillary Clinton accuses Trump of insulting our friends, Trump has decided to go down there and talk to them about his position on the immigration issue (and I am sure a great many other things).  You know, to build a personal relationship Hillary says is necessary if you want to be President.  Hillary's version of building a personal relationship, I am thinking, includes slipping money under the table.

Trump is right there with Clinton in the polls, and he's doing much better than Reagan was doing at this point against Carter, and George Herbert Walker Bush was doing at this point against Michael Dukakis.  His trip to New Orleans helped, and this trip will, as well.  To the voters, Trump is beginning to look presidential, and he is willing to visit and work where it matters to the voters. . . you know, rather than go on golfing trips and seek out photo-ops like the outgoing Obama.

In short, he's separating himself from the establishment, doing things the establishment would never do. . . which is the whole reason voters like him in the first place.  Trump comes across as genuine, human, and outside the system.

He's sort of a wealthy and slightly more polished version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington, I suppose.

Trump's visit to meet with the president of Mexico was presidential, and popular with the voters.  The Democrats are getting more and more nervous as this thing progresses.  Hillary is not a shoe-in as some may be spouting.  In fact, even the Democrat pollsters will tell you it is far from over.

Also, don't forget that Assange's next email release is lurking in the shadows.

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