Thursday, September 22, 2016

White Man Targeted, Beaten by Black Rioting Thugs in Charlotte

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Narrative: White Cops are targeting black people and the racism is being propagated by white Republicans.  The killing needs to stop.  America is a racist nation so to protest racial injustice we must kneel during the National Anthem, and riot whenever a white cop shoots or beats a person of color.

Reality: In Charlotte the black man shot by cops was armed, and he was shot by a black cop employed by a police department led by a black police chief.  In Baltimore, three of the suspected racist cops out of a group of six were black.  In Baltimore the mayor is black.  The attorney general is black.  During rioting blacks have been stealing and looting, and often (as we saw at the Chicago unrest before the Trump Rally, and as we see below in Charlotte) whites are targeted to be harmed because of their skin color.

Question #1:  Who's the racists, here?
Question #2:  Did Martin Luther King riot and loot?
Question #3:  Doesn't every life matter?
Question #4:  If white Republicans are the racists, why is it that these incidents are occurring in cities ruled by black Democrats?
Question #5:  Has it occurred to he black rioting thugs that they are pawns who are being played by a statist political ideology that uses unrest to increase its government power?

Remember, all of this racial unrest is surfacing during the second term of the presidency of the first black president in history.

Beating man begging for mercy in parking garage. Credit:Lenard Bennett (facebook)

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