Friday, October 14, 2016

Federal Government is not the Solution for the Federal Government

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Ideology does not matter, or at least it is not supposed to matter.  The rule of law is the United States Constitution, and the operation of the federal government is governed by the language contained in the text of the United States Constitution.

The federal government tells us that federal authority is defined by their interpretation of the Constitution.  That is like the hens in a hen house not only asking the foxes to be their guards, but to offer to the foxes full interpretation of their own powers.  Why would they do such a thing?

A part of the problem is that the engine of government has been damaged.  It's like the broke down car on your driveway.  You may have every tool you need to fix it in the garage, but if you don't understand how that car is supposed to properly operate, how can you know which wrench to turn or how to mend what is broken?

When it comes to the Constitution, once we pop open the hood (after understanding how it is supposed to operate), we realize that not only is the engine not operating properly, but there are important parts of it missing, and other parts operating in a manner not originally intended.

The judicial branch was never given the authority to legislate, nor was the executive branch.  The federal government was never given many of the authorities over what they are doing internally.  Those are State powers.  And the States, which were supposed to be the voice of the Senate in Congress, were stripped of their equal suffrage by the 17th Amendment that was not only never fully ratified, but it was also unconstitutional in the first place per the final clause in Article V.

So, what are we to do?

The politicians tell us that conventional wisdom says that we need to vote in better politicians in the federal government.  That's like complaining about the failure of socialism in Europe, and then stating they simply need to vote in better socialists.

The solution begins from the ground up.  The future cockroaches in Washington come from the local governments.  And we can't send virtuous leaders to any government office if we aren't a virtuous society in the first place.  How can we be a godly nation if we aren't even a godly people?

How can we clean the federal government's house if we can't even keep our own house up?

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