Monday, October 03, 2016

Getting a Handle on Race Relations

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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We all have our own personal discriminations.  You know how it goes.  Birds of a feather flock together.

We have those people in our lives we prefer not to spend time with, or gather together with.  It's human nature.

I grew up in various Los Angeles neighborhoods, and in my youth I experienced a mixture of ethnicities, colors and backgrounds.  Color of skin never really concerned me until folks with color of skin made it a big deal.  People are people, and to be honest, I never understood the tendency to congregate as a result of color.  Yeah, I get it, we are more comfortable with people who are more like ourselves, but, I have always failed to understand the racism thing.

It's not that I never experienced it.  Much of my family is from the South, and with that came a certain level of prejudices.  I heard my grandparents use words regarding Hispanics, blacks, or certain Asian nationalities, and I chalked it off as a generational thing.

One thing I have learned is that contrary to popular opinion, whites aren't the only people capable of racial discrimination.  Racism touches all parts of society.  The sad thing about it is that it was a minor issue, racism was essentially absent from mainstream society, until the first black president, Barack Obama, took office.  His divide and conquer techniques have now fomented racial division in ways that we haven't seen in generations.

Whenever something happens that is called racist by the Democrat party, the violence erupts, and the smoke and destruction of our cities commences.  It is as if a morality switch is turned off, and the rioters cease to act like members of a virtuous society.  Their sense of moral propriety goes out the window.

The uncivilized responses to police shootings are accompanied by an unwillingness to listen to reason.  Honest observation and criticism is rejected.  The rioters justify their behavior in the name of racial intolerance and as a reaction to racial injustice.  Never mind that the crimes they are protesting against are being committed in their own neighborhoods by members of their own color in cities ruled over by their own allies who they vote for each and every election.

Football player Ben Watson says "it's not a skin problem.  It's a sin problem."

In other words, before blaming everything around them, perhaps the folks angry enough to riot should look within.  Perhaps the angry youth of black neighborhoods should self-examine.  Perhaps the problem is not white racism, or white privilege, but instead the black inner-city culture that has been created, nurtured and fomented by the very liberal left Democrats who deceptively claim they are for the poor and minority populations.

Justice has little to do with what is happening every time a city like Charlotte explodes.  The culture has been trained to expect free giveaways.  Welfare programs and special treatment through affirmative action has encouraged the behavior of rioting and looting.  It is becoming less and less about Black Lives Matter and more and more about creating an opportunity to engage in a free shopping spree.

The neighborhood response, if it was really about justice, would have been about the neighborhood working with the police officers to apprehend the criminals in question.  They would be working to rid their neighborhoods of crime and drugs through a partnership with police.  Instead, they hold the criminals up as champions, and then face-off with police in a sign of defiance not only against law enforcement, but against law and order.  How can we have an orderly society when the police have to be so careful about doing their job when confronted by a violent criminal element?

Each shooting by police is not about racial equality.  It's all about an excuse to promote violence and racist vitriol.  It's an excuse for the rioters to claim they are victims, and rather than make their neighborhoods better, they decide to tear their neighborhoods down.  Then, as they destroy local businesses while they claim they have no jobs. Rather than look within, they find a scapegoat.

Racism is an argument people usually turn to when they have no argument.  The facts don't matter.  Being a young angry youth that is going to be violent against "the man" is all that matters, at that point.  Never mind that they live in a culture where fathers have walked away because the welfare check has replaced him.  Never mind that the culture considers successful blacks to be traitors, or "Uncle Toms."

The anger is preying on the black communities of America by design.  It's a way for the Democrat Party to keep the black community voting democrat, voting for more gifts from the treasury, and ultimately voting to remain in slavery to the government.

While the anti-social behavior rises, the reality is that they are acting like a bunch of sheep.  Tools.  Pawns in a much larger political game.

The black community screams against segregation as they self-segregate into their own neighborhoods.  They scream they can't escape poverty as they accept government checks and use that as an excuse not to seek a better life through advancing themselves.  They complain about inferior education in their neighborhoods as the youths taunt and mock any member of their community who seeks educational goals and gets higher grades.  The anti-social patterns are then congratulated, and passed on to others as being a norm of their society.  The rioting then normalizes crime, normalizes anger, and normalizes destruction by fire and violence.

One must ask, "Who is holding who back?"

The liberal media and politicians then parade the riots as evidence of social injustice.

Who did the burning?  Who did the window-breaking?  Who committed the violence?

Rather than recognizing there are consequences to one's actions, the world is being told that the black community can't be held responsible for their violence. . . because white people made them angry, and history is filled with injustice.

When will the chain be broken?  When will black society finally look within and realize the culture is the problem, and it has been created by the promise of free stuff that they chase?

While the black community, or at least the angry rioters, claims to hate white America because they are white, at what point do blacks realize that is the kind of racism they claim exists in white America?  At what point do they realize they have the hatred they claim the other side has?

In the name of hate, Black Lives Matters twists the truth, pushes down the facts, and instead uses acts of terror and violence to try to get their way.  At what point do they realize that it is they that is guiding the narrative that portrays them in a negative light?

Riots and hate does not solve social injustice. It perpetuates it.  Savagery must be met by force, and anger, and in the end it becomes nothing less than a vicious cycle that can result in the end with nothing more than the destruction of the society they claim they are trying to change for the better.

Black Lives Matter, in the end, is nothing more than a tool in a larger global scheme to create social unrest so as to set groups against each other, and ultimately destroy the wealth of America and place it into the pockets of international billionaires like George Soros, and the shadow conspirators that are driving for a socialist world where nobody receives social justice except the elite, who have chosen themselves to lead and rule.

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