Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Straight to MSNBC

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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I have been out of town for a press conference yesterday to announce my connection to the Congress of Racial Equality, and how they have asked me to join them in the effort to spread constitutional literacy in minority neighborhoods.  In my Sacramento hotel room, a Best Western, the television resets every time I turn it off.  When I turn it on, it always switches on with MSNBC on the screen.

Is the MSNBC television launch with each switch-on by design, or a coincidence?

I do not put anything past the liberal left Democrats.  I have seen incredibly deceptive moves by them that includes things as simple as what may be happening in Sacramento.  It's a way of making sure that anyone switching on televisions in the Best Western of Sacramento enables MSNBC to get in the first word, and possibly keeping the viewer tuned to that station.

Personally, I am not one to watch a lot of television, but I did Sunday Night and this morning as I wait to get out of town and head home.  That said, one nice thing is when MSNBC switches on, it's only one downward channel to get to Fox News Channel.  As for HBO's premiere of West World, I was not incredibly impressed.  Interesting.  But not enough to make me run out and get a subscription to HBO.

MSNBC was not impressive, either.  In fact, when I did sit and watch it, the hosts simply confirmed everything I believe about how biased in a liberal left direction they truly are.

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