Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Killing Culture

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Chicago has the highest murder rate in the country, yet among the strictest gun laws in the country.  Following the shooting death of an Illinois congressman's grandson following an argument over a pair of basketball shoes, the comment was made, "Guns.  It becomes a part of the culture of an environment that has got to change."

While the Democrat, U.S. Representative Danny Davis, likely blames the guns, his quote was right - it is a part of the culture, and it needs to change.

The culture in our cities has become a violent one.  Guns, knock-out games, or knife fights, it doesn't mater, it is a violent culture that has less to do with guns, and more to do with the political orientation that made it that way.  Think about what happened.  The shooting was over a dispute over basketball shoes.

The killer was only 15 years old.

Davis said he was told that a 15-year-old boy had traded slacks for shoes a 14-year-old boy, but thought better of the trade and went to the kid's house with a 17-year-old girl. He said the pair forced their way in the house and argued with his grandson before the boy pulled a gun and fired.

The gun was not at fault.  At fault is a culture taught through class warfare that violence is the way to solve things.  We see it in the streets with the anti-Trump protesters, Black Lives Matter, and the riots over alleged police shootings.  Never mind that it has been found that cops do not unfairly target black suspects as we are being told.

"It's almost, just the way it is. People think nothing of it," Davis said. "Youngsters invariably say, 'I know a lot of guys who've got guns. I know a lot of girls who've got guns.”

Davis added, "It becomes a part of the culture of an environment that has got to change."

Davis has been a member of the Democratic party for nearly 20 years. He was re-elected this month to his 11th term in the 7th Congressional District.

"The question becomes where does a 15-year-old obtain a gun? Who let the 15-year-old have a gun and under what circumstances?" Davis asked. "There's no answer for that except that the availability of guns is so prevalent in America to the point where you almost can't tell who has a gun" anymore.

The black culture has  become a thuggish culture, and despite Davis' desperate words, the fact is that the "availability of guns" will always be there.  Even if every law-abiding citizen is stripped of their access to their right to keep and bear arms, guns would find their way into the hands of the criminal element.  And even if it was a world without guns, the culture would still be violent, and his grandson would have been killed by some other means.  Guns are merely a tool.  At blame for the death of Davis' grandson is not the fact that that an inanimate object was used to kill, but the fact that in our cities we have a killing culture that will use any means, and any tool, to end the lives of others.

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