Friday, November 04, 2016

A Little Wit: Politically Speaking

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Political Pistachio website has been around since 2006.  Over the years I've made some comments in my articles that could also be considered as being my own "quotable quotes."  I tend to sometimes have a unique perspective, or can capture my thoughts in a quick quip.  The following is a list of observations I've made over the last decade, some you may think to be quimsical, about politics in general in today's fouled up political atmosphere.  The short antidotes are mostly taken directly from articles I have written over the years.  Some may seem like a different take on an old concept, while others come at you from a pretty much unexpected angle.  The intent is to eventually put them, and pages and pages of more of them on different subjects, into a book someday.

 “Time to get rid of the Electoral College,” a student once announced to me. “Nope,” I replied.  “The Electoral College protects us from the excesses of Democracy.”  She then replied, “I thought we already exercised democracy.”
My dad used to say, “I don’t have to be right.  I only need to think I am.”  Judging by the latest trends in politics, he would have had a fabulous career as a politician...or a judge.
In this country we all have the right to be stupid.  Unfortunately, most people are more than happy to take full advantage of that privilege.
If one of us is threatened, we all are.
Remember when we used to shake our heads at “The End Is Near” signs some guy on the street corner might be holding?  Now we nod our heads in agreement at the sign, and shake our fists at the politicians.
You are only as strong as your weakest link.
When life gives you lemons toss them aside and grow a political movement.
In Rome the Pagans likely complained, “too many Christians, not enough lions.”  In today’s modern Christian society we have a different problem.  Not enough Christians and too many liars.
Tell a lie often enough and it remains a lie; people begin to just think it's the truth.
My grandfather told me that he hated women, lawyers, and politicians... mainly because they all could screw you, and usually you wouldn’t realize it was a bad thing while it was going on.  He hated pastors too, but at least they’d be willing to forgive you for the hatred.  Well, politicians will forgive you too, if you wind up voting for them, anyway.
Good leaders are able to lead while remaining among the herd.
I think, therefore I am not a leftist progressive liberal Democrat.

One of my work boots came untied.  If I were a liberal, I got to thinking, I wouldn't even consider tying my boot. Why would I? It wasn't my fault the thing came untied.  I would just wait for government to send someone to tie it for me.

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