Saturday, November 26, 2016

Before the Wall

By Douglas V. Gibbs

My brother in law was born in Mexico.  His parents immigrated here when he was a baby, and then during his early teenage years the family moved back to Mexico.  It took him nine months to decide to come back to America for good where the opportunities are.  He naturalized, and is very conservative on the immigration issue.  We spoke on Thanksgiving, and he told me, "Diversity doesn't work.  Multiculturalism is a lie.  I would refuse a job if I found out I got it because I am Mexican, and not on my merits."

I talked to him about how I am working with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) to spread constitutional literacy to the inner-cities, targeting both black and Hispanic neighborhoods.  While jazzed about what I am doing, he doubted if I would be able to reach people like his mother, who, while conservative in her thinking (pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, a supporter of self-reliance, a supporter of personal responsibility, fiscally conservative, and prefers government is not ruling her life), she voted for Hillary Clinton because she believed the liberal left narrative that Trump will deport just about every Mexican who isn't a citizen, and she feared if Trump won he'd deport her friends from church.

My wife voted for Trump.  As a legal immigrant, she feels that by allowing illegal aliens into the country, and loading them up with benefits, the system is slapping her in the face.  She did everything right, yet the illegals have cut in line, disobeyed the law, and are being rewarded for it.  She didn't believe the liberal left's propaganda that Trump is racist against Mexicans, but her mother did.

The reality is that under Obama more illegal aliens have been deported than under any previous President in American History.  So, if these women have been worried about their friends being deported under Trump, they should have been worried about the same under Barack Obama.  That said, Obama's agencies are also currently releasing 195 illegals, per day, an action designed to show support for the Democrat Party's narrative that stands opposed to the rule of law.

How the Obama administration was able to deport as many as they did is beyond me.  The agencies at work regarding immigration under Obama receive no respect because Obama has encouraged weakness.  Illegals come to the United States because they believe Obama said it was okay, so why should they respect ICE agents or Border Patrol officers?  There have been reports of border agents being attacked with rocks, and in the case of a Texas State Trooper, he was actually hit by gunfire from the Mexico side.

I wonder if, after Trump builds a barrier (I am not expecting it to actually be a wall), if these incidents against the United States will continue?  I am thinking they won't.  It's amazing the kind of peace that can be achieved when a society portrays an image of strength.

Then, we have to talk about those already here, be it 11 million, or nearly 40 million.  Will there be a pathway to legality?  Will they be gathered up and herded out together?  Or will it be something in between?

I have a hunch that though the benefits will be reduced, and the criminal element among the illegal aliens will be deported, much of those who are here will be given a pathway to legality.  So, if that is inevitable, and if there is nothing I can do about it, then I plan to turn defeat into victory, and make sure the pathway goes through me.

The program I will be working with CORE on includes a curriculum to teach patriotic assimilation.  Sure, in the beginning the attendees will be conservatives - essentially, those who already vote pro-constitution.  But, the theory is that once we saturate that segment of society, the word of mouth will deliver our constitutional literacy program to those who we really want to reach. . . like my brother-in-law's mother, and my mother-in-law.

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