Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Des Moines Cops Killed in Ambush Attack

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The anti-cop disease continues as we approach the 2016 Election.  In Des Moines, Iowa, two police officers have been shot and killed, and officials say it was accomplished using apparent "ambush style" attacks.  The suspect, Scott Michael Greene, has been taken into custody.

The incident was reported in the early morning hours, about 1:06 a.m., when police were responding to a report of gunfire.  When officers arrived they found an Urbandale officer fatally shot.  Twenty minutes later a separate Des Moines police officer was shot at an intersection while responding to the scene where the Urbandale officer was shot — about 2 miles away.  The Des Moines officer was transported to a local medical center where he expired.

Both officers were gunned down in their patrol cars.

The attack appeared to target police officers, so the following manhunt was engaged cautiously, requiring Des Moines Police officers participating in the manhunt, and those on patrol who were not necessarily searching for the shooter, to pair up so no officer was on patrol alone.

For Des Moines, this is the first fatal shooting of police since two officers were gunned down in separate incidents in 1977.

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