Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Email of the Week: Paid Protesters

Posted by Douglas V. Gibbs
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From a recent email sent to me (reprinted with permission):

Well, we've suspected it for some time, but somebody has come up with the proof. George Soros IS funding the protesters against Trump -- in city after city.

He is a naturalized citizen, so that citizenship could be revoked upon conviction of a crime, and he could be deported. (Russia has issued warrants against him for crimes he's committed against that nation, so we have a place to deport him to that will willingly take him.)

Unfortunately, this activity does not quite meet the definition of treason given in Article III, and the idiotic SCOTUS would likely consider this funding protected under the 1st Amendment.

Now what COULD be done is to bring a class action against him for all injuries, vandalism, damages, and any possible deaths that have occurred as a result of his paid protesters.

Of course, with his billion$$, our side probably couldn't afford to maintain a lawsuit for very long.

On another note, I watched 60 Minutes last night. (Alas, could not record it, but someone with the right computer skills could probably stream it from the CBS web site for a week or so.) They did a segment on the US relationship with Turkey and its maze of complications. The Turks are persuaded that the recent coup that attempted to depose Pres. Erdogen was engineered by someone living in Pennsylvania and want to extradite this guy from the US. Not sure if I can get his name right, Fatullah Guhlan or something close to that. He is also a strong backer of Hillary.

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Call Me Mom said...

If I am not mistaken, that would be the same person who has founded a chain of islamic schools in the US.