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Islamic Chants and Promises Threaten Liberty

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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A couple years ago Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! For America, answered a Muslim woman regarding the impact of moderate Muslims.  She said, "When you look at all the lessons of history, most Germans were peaceful.  Yet, the Nazis drove the agenda.  And, as a result, 60 million people died.  Almost 14 million in concentration camps.  6 million were Jews.  The peaceful majority were irrelevant.  When you look at Russia, most Russians were peaceful as well.  Yet, the Russians were able to kill 20 million people.  The peaceful majority were irrelevant.  When you look at China, for example, most Chinese were peaceful, as well.  Yet, the Chinese were able to kill 70 million people.  The peaceful majority were irrelevant.  When you look at Japan prior to World War II, most Japanese were peaceful, as well.  Yet, Japan was able to butcher its way across southeast Asia, killing 12 million people - mostly killed with bayonets and shovels.  The peaceful majority were irrelevant.  On September 11th in the United States we had 2.3 million Arab Muslims living in the United States.  It took 19 hijackers, 19 radicals, to bring America down to its knees, destroy the World Trade Center, attack the Pentagon, and kill almost 3,000 Americans, that day.  The peaceful majority were irrelevant.  So, for all of our powers of reason, and us talking about moderate and peaceful Muslims, I'm glad you're here.  But, where are the others speaking out?  And, since you are the only Muslim representative [applause], save your applause for the end - thank you [applause continues]; and since you are the only Muslim representative in here, you took the limelight instead of speaking about why our government - and, so, are you an American?  You're an American citizen.  So, as an American citizen, you sat in this room and instead of standing up and saying a question, or asking something about our four Americans that died [in Benghazi], and what our government is doing to correct the problem, you stood there to make a point about peaceful, moderate Muslims.  I wish you'd brought ten with you to question about how we can hold our government responsible.  It is time we take Political Correctness and throw it in the garbage where it belongs."

While those who support the Islamic Jihad use Political Correctness and a false argument about peaceful Muslims, or continue to cry out that "Islam is a religion of peace," the radicals are ravaging the world.  Political Correctness and the scream of "peaceful religion" is a distraction.  As the arguments are put forth by Political Correctness and in the name of "peaceful Muslims," we have willingly been disracted, and refuse to recognize the enemy.  We have failed to take what they say or do seriously.  The reality is that we are at war, and they are clear about what their intentions are, and what they think of us.  We have not been willing to admit it, but the Islamic Jihad is waging that war through terrorism, and hijrah (jihad through immigration).

 As the holiday bustle picks up, so does law enforcement awareness.

Sources tell CBS News the FBI is alerting police across the country about a potential terrorist attack around Thanksgiving.

It specifically warns of homegrown terrorists. Potential targets? Shopping malls, special events, crowded venues–locations in Washington, D.C. and Virginia described as target-rich zones. ISIS’s magazine called New York City’s Macy’s Parade an excellent target.

And potential tactics could include guns, IEDs, or drones equipped with IEDs.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says there is no specific threat to the Boston area, but it’s good to stay on your toes.

“We’re going to have more visibility out on the streets,” Walsh told WBZ-TV Friday. “People are going to see more police officers out there. You know, even during the holiday season, the shopping, we try to put more visibility out there.”

Czech President Milos Zeman, who we have covered before for his hard hitting criticism of Islam, recently declared that Western Europe was wrong for allowing millions of Muslim immigrants in and that Eastern Europe will never allow it. In his words, Muslims will never integrate because they don’t want to, and they are part of a Muslim Brotherhood plot to invade and take over Europe:
“The experience of western European countries which have ghettos and excluded localities shows that the integration of the Muslim community is practically impossible,” Zeman said in a televised interview.
“Let them have their culture in their countries and not take it to Europe, otherwise it will end up like Cologne,” he added, referring to the mass New Year’s Eve assaults on women in Germany and elsewhere.
“Integration is possible with cultures that are similar, and the similarities may vary,” pointing out that the Vietnamese and Ukrainian communities had been able to integrate into Czech society.

A translator at refugee camps in Germany has claimed Muslim migrants hate Christians and want to Islamize the country.  The woman, 39, from Eritrea, came to Germany as a refugee herself in 1991, before volunteering at asylum centers to “give something back.”

But the Arabic speaker said what she discovered when working with migrants over the last five years shocked her.During her time at a number of centers across the country, she said she discovered Muslim refugees preaching “pure hatred” of Christians.

Muslim children were told by their parents not to play with Christian kids.

And she herself was told it was a sin for her to help feed and defend Christians.

She told German Catholic website “They want Germany to be Islamized. They despise our country and our values.”

She claimed many of the migrants showed their “true colors” only when they were away from people of other religions.

The translator explained: “Pure hatred against non-believers is preached, and children are brought here from an early age here in Germany.

“It’s very similar in asylum housing, where Muslim boys refuse to play with Christians.

“Some women told me, ‘We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here.’”

She said other translators were a part of the problem, claiming they prevented Christian refugees claiming permanent asylum by failing to tell them they were entitled to have their questionnaires translated.
First District Supervisor candidate Angela Valles has condemned the "dumping" of Syrian refugees into Victorville, saying she would sue the federal government and seek to cut off refugee welfare benefits after it was discovered 23 Syrian immigrants have resettled in the city this year.

Valles also accused her opponent, San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood, of being "either oblivious to the placement of unvetted Syrian refugees in our community" or actively covering it up.

She said that the federal government was required to consult with local jurisdictions before settling refugees, citing a hard-line immigration reform group as its source of this premise.

"All I'm saying is we should be made aware of this," she said.

The revelation that 23 Syrian refugees re-settled in Victorville this year, according to the Refugee Processing Center, was first reported by Valles' campaign. She said she believed "America comes first" and that any aid provided to refugees should be confined to occurring within their own country — not here — as to not "jeopardize" locals.

The federal government won't pay any attention to (local resolutions) because it doesn't matter what the city thinks.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Victorville Station Capt. Sam Lucia acknowledged that such resettlement was "completely out of our hands" and local law enforcement could not enforce any locally created law.
The father of a pupil at a girl's primary school in a German ski resort discovered that his daughter had been forced to learn the Islamic prayer when he discovered a handout she had been given.

He claimed she had been "forced" by teachers to memorise the Islamic chants.

The handout read: "Oh Allah, how perfect you are and praise be to you. Blessed is your name, and exalted is your majesty . There is no God but you."

It had been given to the girl during a lesson in "ethics" at the Bavarian school.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Merkel's aid claims, "Germans MUST develop understanding of migrants."

The incident comes just weeks after parents complained to German newspaper Hessian Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA) that their children's nursery was refusing to acknowledge "Christmas rituals" to accommodate the "diverse cultures" of other pupils.

The Sara Nussbaum House daycare centre in Kassel refused to put up a Christmas tree, tell Christmas stories or celebrate Christmas in general because it said only a minority of pupils were Christian.

Child migrants are said to outnumber natives at many schools.

More than one million migrants are estimated to have arrived in Germany during the last year alone.
The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees estimates that another 200,000 people are on the way.

CHRISTIAN refugees were forced to flee a migrant camp in Germany after Muslim asylum seekers threatened them with “beheading” because they are “unbelievers”.

In one horrifying case, a Christian migrant returned from church to find a notice in one of the rooms saying: “To all Muslims: now is the time to behead the unbelievers.”

One Iranian recalled the terrifying moment she heard a group of men shouting: “Whoever finds an Iranian woman today may rape and kill her. Kill them all.  You may kill and rape them. You can do it, everywhere. Wherever you find them, you may do that.”

The panicked woman compared her life [at a refugee camp in Germany] to living under the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS).

She added: “We came here to live a free life, but now were are being oppressed heavily.

“Nobody is allowed to know that I am Christian, for I am afraid that they might find out about it in Iran. I am living under constant fear and oppression.

More than 700 Christian refugees have been attacked in migrant camps in Germany

Another Iranian Christian claims a Muslim woman took her Bible and tore it to shreds.

She said: “I am living in fear here, in this accommodation, because again everybody is asking me: 'Why are you a Christian?

“I fled from these attacks and now I have to live with it in such a confined space.

They say a total of 743 Christians and 10 Yazidis were victims of religious motivated attacks in migrant camps between February and September 2016.

POLICE have launched an investigation after a gang of young Syrian asylum-seekers sexually harassed three schoolgirls at their local swimming pool.

Police were called to a swimming pool when schoolgirls reported sexual harassment.  The girls - sisters aged 9, 11 and 14 - were surrounded and molested by seven migrants, the youngest of whom was just seven.

As soon as they started swimming they were harassed by the boys who surrounded them in the pool.

The father of the girls said, “Five of the boys touched the girls' breasts and bottoms.”

He said his 11 year-old daughter managed to get away from the youths and ran to the pool supervisor to ask for help.

Police were called and arrived soon after.

A spokeswoman for the swimming pool said the boys have all been banned for one year.

She said the girls had done the right thing by asking pool personnel for help and that staff had immediately alerted the police.

According to local reports, a number of girls have been victims of sexual assault by migrant boys at the same swimming pool in Mariendorf.

POLICE in Germany have been accused of covering up an alleged sex attack by an African migrant on a 13-year-old girl.

Officers in Chemnitz, Saxony, withheld details of the abuse for several weeks, instead sending out press releases on minor issues including one appeal from a man who had forgotten where he parked his car.

The alleged attack only came to light when a man who knew about the incident informed a local newspaper.

Although police have since confirmed a complaint of sexual abuse was received, no further details have yet been released to the public.

Police spokesman Rafael Scholz confirmed that the police were investigating the alleged attack.

According to local media, which quoted the victim, a Northern African male aged between 25 and 30 approached her while she was waiting with her friend at a bus stop in the small town of Thum, close to Chemnitz.

The migrant allegedly touched her sexually, before fleeing.

Although her mother made a complaint to police on the same day, given a description of the suspect, the police have still not informed the public.

Residents in Thum said they "worried" the suspect might still be at large and could not understand why the police have not released details.

The controversy comes after German authorities deliberately withheld the nationalities of the Cologne sex attackers for several days.  The attacks, on more than a thousand women, were carried out by gangs of migrant men on New Year's Eve.

It came months after Angela Merkel's government welcomed more than a million migrants into the country - and the sex attacks sparked a backlash against the Chancellor's open door immigration policy.

The German leader this month admitted regrets over her migrant policy after humiliating defeats in local elections.

Yet, she plans to run for another term, her fourth.

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