Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More Evidence Reveals Climate Change a Natural Occurrence

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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According to the U.K. Daily Mail Online, new data is showing that El Nino (a natural phenomenon), not man-made emissions activity, drove global temperatures up momentarily this year.  Aside from that short upward spike, global average temperatures have been plummeting at a record pace.  The spike in temperatures this year ended when El Nino was finished, as indicated by information retrieved from NASA's satellites.

La Nina is next, which turns weather colder than usual.

The Donald Trump team has already indicated that the President Elect plans to kill Nasa’s $1.9 billion climate research budget (a move that has the snowflakes on college campuses beside themselves in fear of the end of the world - after all, the liberal left education system has been filling them full of the man-made climate change lie since their first day in kindergarten).

NASA's website shows a new study which indicates there was a hiatus in global warming before the recent El Nino.  The evidence, then, suggests that since 1998, the rate of global warming has been much slower than predicted by computer models, because of the shift in natural cycles, including sunspot activity.  Does the climate change?  Yes.  Is it because of man-made emissions?  No.  Climate change is a natural cycle, and all of the climate change political voo doo is in place not to save the planet, but to enslave the planet.

What about all of that evidence the leftists keep providing that supports the concept of man-made climate change, one might ask.

You mean like how the EPA cooked the books and got caught, recently?  It's not about emissions, it's about control - perpetuated by the United Nations through their sustainable development garbage.  It all runs hand in hand. . . and it is all poppycock.  Follow the money, and follow the quest for power.

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