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The Changing Presidential Election Electoral Map

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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If Hillary Clinton is doing so well, according to the mainstream media, why is President Barack Obama
encouraging illegal aliens to vote?  Why is he promising them no repercussions if they do?
(Video).  Are the Democrats getting a little worried?  What do they know that we haven't been told?

According to Breitbart, New Hampshire is looking more and more like it will fall into the hands of Donald J. Trump on Election Day, 2016.  Scott Brown, former Massachusetts U.S. Senator, and New Hampshire Senatorial candidate in 2014, said, “People wait until the last two or three or four or five days before they actually make a decision. That’s no different in a statewide race or a national race like this.  So you’re seeing the polls, obviously, shift, plus with respect to Clinton—she’s had a terrible three weeks. Every day it’s something new and different and exciting and something that would put me, you, and every one of your listeners in jail. But because it’s a Clinton, there’s two sets of rules: one for them, and one for us. So—and then Trump has obviously been on message and he’s been really, really doing well in terms of handling the messaging associated with what’s happening with the FBI and what’s happening with the pay-to-play.”

New polls in New Hampshire are showing Trump either tied with Hillary Clinton, or in the lead.  Breitbart News/Gravis Marketing survey has Trump up two points over Clinton, and he’s up five points in the latest ARG poll. He leads by one point in the latest WBUR poll and is tied in the latest Boston Globe and UMASS Lowell polls.

Brown said part of the reason Trump is currently surging ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire is the lack of enthusiasm among many Democrats—especially millennials—for Clinton.

“The millennials are not fired up with her like they were with Obama,” Brown said. “They don’t like Hillary. A lot of them were Bernie supporters—and everything that is coming out about the DNC and what Hillary and her team did with Bernie, it really ticks them off. All the rhetoric—‘Oh, you know, we’re going to give you free tuition’—well, that doesn’t help a lot of people in college who are actually there right now, and there’s no way that because they recognize that when they’re coming out they’ll have to pay higher taxes and expenses. There’s not a reality and so they’re kind of onto the game that, ‘Hey by the way, when we come out of college we’re going to be $100,000 in debt, and we’re not going to be able to get a job at McDonald’s.’ That’s the problem for millennials. They’re not enthused. And then they hear Donald Trump saying, ‘You know what? We’re going to create more jobs. We’re going to lower corporate taxes. We’re going to streamline the regulatory process. We’re going to give you opportunities to go out there and do your own thing and make your own mark on this country.’ And they’re kind of like, ‘Yeah, that sounds cool. I want to go do that.’ That’s why I voted for Ronald Reagan back when I was 18 years old because he was the president that said Republicans were the party of opportunity. ‘You work your tail off, you can get ahead.’”

Brown said Trump has solid support from veterans, law enforcement, and first responder communities, as well.

In neighboring Vermont a significant write-in effort for Sanders is underway, and it is strong enough, I believe, to split the Democrat Party vote in that State and hand the very blue State over the Trump, as well.  A person commenting on my State by State analysis of the upcoming Presidential Election added to the idea that Vermont might go Red by writing, "In Vermont I'm seeing no bumper stickers for any candidates, and very very few yard signs. 1 Clinton for every 15 Trump sign I see. I have a feeling Vermont is going red, and it's about time. This from a traditionally left voting independent who has been pushed right by a corrupt democratic governor, and treacherous superdelegate Leahy."

In fact, a number of States are now tied in the polls, and we are talking States that nobody was expecting.
ColoradoMichiganNevada, and Pennsylvania.

While the Democrats want you to believe the map looks like this:

And the hardcore Trump supporters who believe it will be a landslide want you to believe the map looks like this:

Based on the information we are getting it looks more like this:

Then again, in the end, you never know.  What if Clinton took New Hampshire, but my theory about Vermont was right?

Then we'd have a tie, and the incoming House of Representatives would choose who is President.

In the end, I think on Tuesday there will be some big surprises.  I think things will happen that nobody saw coming.  I think we will be up late at night, and scratching our heads the following morning.

We'll see.

In the Inland Empire of Southern California if you want to join me on Election Night, I will be at a local steakhouse in the back patio area hosting an Election Day Viewing Party, 2016.  Three screens, lots of food, but the drinks are on you.  RJ's Sizzlin' Steer, off California Oaks Road in Murrieta.  We will start at 4:00 pm.  We will leave either when we are convinced on who won, or they kick us out.

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