Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump Haters

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Drudge Report captured the truth perfectly with their "Hate Trumps Love" headline.  In the image at the top of Drudge Report's page, they show an effigy of Trump in flame, and two hateful youths on each side, one with middle fingers extended, and a shirt clearly emblazoned with "F**k Trump.  While the protest slogans of the young leftists have been "Love Trumps Hate," and they consider themselves the loving tolerant ones, the reality is that the people who are out there making a spectacle of themselves are haters.  They are violently unstable and have exploded into rage and hate because someone who disagrees with them won an election.  They are violent and easily offended and sent into a rage , and because the progressive socialist utopian collectivist leftist statist communist Democrat controlled media, educators, entertainers, and political establishment made them that way through over a century of nudging our culture away from the Constitution, and the American System.

This kind of madness is being encouraged by irresponsible things such as:

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