Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump's Gay Vote, and Position on Gay Marriage

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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One issue it seems President-Elect Trump is deviating away from the Republican Party platform on is the homosexual agenda.  According to The Hill, Trump is fine with homosexual marriage, and he does not believe the United States Supreme Court needs to revisit the matter.

Actually, regardless of one's moral stance on the issue, if Mr. Trump was to side with the United States Constitution on this one he'd say the same thing about marriage that he said about abortion in the third debate.  "Send the issue back to the States."

Marriage, or sexuality is not listed in the Constitution as an expressly enumerated power, and the issue does not fall under the 14th Amendment, either, because that amendment was about racial equality, not offering special favors to a group of people demanding normalization of a behavior that is not within the criteria needed to be considered a "right."

In the Declaration of Independence, in the first two paragraphs of the document, our rights are labeled as having four characteristics.

1. We are entititled to our rights.
2. Our rights are self-evident.
3. Our rights are God-given.
4. Our rights are unalienable.

To be defined as a right something must meet all four criteria.  Gay marriage fails on that front.

Trump is catering to the homosexual community hoping to retain their vote for the next election, and I am supposing he is trying to look more "inclusive."  While I do not see Trump's stance on the gay rights issue as being a reason to abandon him, or to consider Hillary the better candidate, we must also call Trump out on the positions he takes when they deviate from what we expect. That said, his answer on the issue should not have been that he doesn't think the Supreme Court needs to revisit the matter, but that he believes the Supreme Court should have never taken the case, and that the responsibility of legislating the issue lies in the States.

Trump's stance on gay marriage, where he said the issue has "been settled," came on CBS's "60 Minutes," which aired Sunday.

During his campaign, Trump painted himself as a "friend" of the homosexual community.

Trump's stance varies greatly with that of Mr. Pence, his Vice President, and the Republican members of Congress.  We are not hive-mentality collectivists like the Democrats, so it is important that the GOP leadership and We the People call Trump out on this issue, and point out to him that his stance on this issue is not acceptable if he is going to claim to be a right-of-center President.  That said, I didn't vote for Trump because I thought he was perfect, but because he was a better candidate than Hillary Clinton.  I suspect there will be more times I will disagree with him.  As a republic, it is important we are up on these things, and are willing to call Trump, or his team, out when they fall short like this.  In a republic, as an informed voter, it is important that we don't just blindly accept what our politicians, even the Republican ones, put out there.  We must challenge them, and influence them in such a way that we get them to govern in a manner consistent with what is expected by the United States Constitution.

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