Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Violent Clashes Between Germans and Muslims on the streets of Bautzen

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Clash Between Local Citizens and Muslim Migrants: Furious mobs of Germans are now beginning to clash violently with Muslim migrants in Germany.  One group decided it was time to begin hunting Muslim migrants.  The violence is occurring in the eastern German city of Bautzen, a repeat of scenes which played out there two months ago.

While the media is calling the angry Germans "right-wingers" and "neo-nazis," the reality is that the Muslim migrant problem is not being properly handled by authorities, and citizens are at wits end.

The town experienced the same violence in mid-September and had a curfew for the Muslims in an attempt to keep them protected.  At one point 80 locals chased 19 Muslim invaders through the streets after exchanging insults in a main square.

The latest incident began with verbal assaults from both sides, and escalated into a physical confrontation.

In February, a cheering crowd was seen outside a burning Muslim migrant shelter in Bautzen, clapping and shouting: "Good, that's up in flames."

The media has reported that Bautzen mayor Alexander Ahrens met members of far-right groups in October in a bid to try to learn their motivation for violence.  The full blame is being placed on the "xenophobic right-wingers."

Motivation for violence?  The country is being invaded by Muslims, and the government is welcoming the invaders with open arms.  The so-called "neo-Nazis" are simply recognizing the threat, and unfortunately taking the law into their own hands because their government has ceased to protect them from foreign invasion.

Their actions are not xenophobic.  Their actions are an attempt to protect their community from a foreign invasion that has been bad for all of Europe, and is only a part of a larger Islamic plan to force Europe into Islamic domination.

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