Sunday, December 18, 2016

America's Icy Chill

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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When referring to how cold America has become, of late, I am not referring to the political environment; although, one could logically recognize the correlation.

During this age of mass political hysteria and governmental positioning regarding the myth of man-made global warming (a.k.a. climate change), it is interesting when nature reminds us that, while there is such thing as Climate Change, the rise and fall in global temperatures are not due to humanity's technological growth, ant-trails of scurrying fossil-fuel conveyances on the various highways and roadways, or any fluctuation of carbon dioxide in our air, but by natural cycles that existed long before mankind sparked his first campfire in some rocky valley, and then danced around the flickering flames because he realized he had finally figured out how to start a fire.

Temperatures, historically, rise and fall.  Throughout the History of Humanity we have experienced massive periods of above normal hot eras, and we have survived a myriad of ice ages.  The Earth, largely due to sunspot and solar flare activity, though there are sometimes a wide range of other influences (volcanic activity, storms cycles, the Earth's position in relation to the sun, etc.), gets warmer, and it gets colder.  Science has shown us that these are natural cycles, that the rise and fall of carbon dioxide lags behind temperature changes, and man's contribution to greenhouse gases (if they affect global temperatures at all) is negligible.

In the 1970s we were told by the establishment media that the world was headed for an ice age.  Then, once that didn't turn out to be true, we were told our temperatures were headed for an incredible rise that would melt the ice caps and flood coastal cities around the world (and that we should "be worried, be very worried).  We would suffer through droughts, the number of hurricanes would increase, and if we didn't do anything about it (like give the government more power over our lives, and let them suck more tax dollars out of our wallets) we are all going to die.  To vote leftist is to save the planet.  To give up freedoms is to save the planet.  To limit one's use of technology, reduce one's travelling tendencies, and give up certain luxuries will save the planet.

And who doesn't want to save the planet?

The problem is, it is all a bunch of hooey.  Poppycock.  Well-designed lies intended not to help the environment, but to encourage a further expansion of central governmental control into our lives.

As the global warming predictions didn't come to pass, the leftist establishment changed the language they were using from "global warming" to "climate change."  That way, no matter what happens, it's all mankind's fault.  Pretty nifty.

So, while some of the climate change prophets still claim we are warming, it is amazing how cold it has truly been.

Here's a few headlines:



And even more...




Two thoughts.  First, as they try to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air have they realized we need that particular gas in the atmosphere so that plant life can convert it to oxygen for us to breath?  To reduce carbon dioxide is to, by default, reduce the very mixture of oxygen in the air necessary for life to thrive.  Second, the climate change doomsday propheteers (cha-ching) say that we need to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide to cool the planet.  Now that it is getting cold, would it not then be reasonable to assume, based on their warped models and way of thinking, that we should not be increasing carbon dioxide in the air so as to get it warmer again?  Could you see it?  "Hey, everybody, start driving SUVs!  Fire up the factories!  We need to save the planet!"

Nope, because it would not benefit their political model of reducing movement, and getting us out of our cars (which allow us to be independent and to freely move about).

In short, Climate Change has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with political power.  But, you knew that, right?

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